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Mazak Feb 28 '18
Is it possible? I mean seriously. I'm sure just about everyone has heard the tale of blues legend Robert Johnson and how he sold his soul to be able to play so we'll. Black Sabbath had an album called We Sold Our Souls For Rock and Roll. Most r cently modern musicians like Katy Perry and Kanye West have claimed to do it. So what say you?
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 28 '18
Tommy Johnson sold his soul, Robert Johnson was later attributed to that bit of crossroads folklore.  Which was a joke among other musicians to explain why he got so good so fast.

Now, to what you are getting at, AK is right on.  And it's not a bad thing. Killing the soul is essentially purging oneself of programmed abstraction. This further extends to artificial society constructs, like an absolute morality. Hence, "Soulless" acts are generally morally depraved. 

As far as something you can literally sell in exchange for goods and services? 


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Mazak Mar 1 '18
So selling the soul is nothing more than commiting to do things that you and others would find morally reprehensible?
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 1 '18

Quote from Mazak So selling the soul is nothing more than commiting to do things that you and others would find morally reprehensible?

The concept of a soul otherwise is not compatible with Satanism. Especially in a typical christian form. It's an auto-disqualifier because it is so fucking inside the goddamn box. It carries over the same societal programming and streamlined views.  The "soul" becomes the chains of your slavery to a view that no amount of make up could make satanic. The soul is symbollic for your behavioral enslavement. 


"What makes me believe I have a soul?"

The essence of the soul is "of god's kingdom" in The West. That which is most attributed (mythologically) to the soul is heavily dependant on consensus opinion and always resides within a socially defined morality.  Soul becomes connection to slave morality. 


Headline news. 

 "Today in Anyplace, USA two 18 year olds shot dead 36 other students at a local high school during a homecoming pep rally."

Following is sensationalism. 

 Most show outrage at the same time they sit gawking at the spectacle of it all before picking an opinion from a multiple choice selection.

If souls are bleeding hearts of empathetic moral reaction meeting not have an opinion of your own; then killing your soul is questioning ones own reaction at its base and dismantling it. Feeling empathy because you have a kid in high school does not equal petitioning for a symbolic gun bans 3000 miles away.  

The key here is susceptibility to cultural fads and mutagenic social movements. 

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Obscura TITS
Obscura Apr 7 '18
This is an intriguing topic.  I think there are very real things we can "sell" our souls to: capitalism, a soul-sucking job, the pursuit of our passions, whether it's being an NFL quarterback or bestselling author or world-renowned astrophysicist.  Of course, there are occult methods to "sell" your soul to a demon, and in the Pagan realm, from my Heathen perspective, there's debates about being "god-owned" or claimed by a certain god, with some individuals surrendering their supposed wills to spirits as godslaves.  I always thought it was a load of bullshit.  Hard work, and a bit of Dame Fortuna, and if you're talented, magic and intention, are the ways to succeed.  Samael taught me to write and gave me many things, from wealth to love to success, but he's adamant that we are our own Godhoods Ascending.  The souls of gods aren't really for sale, in my opinion.  Samael flies up the Sephiroth like lightning on the twelve wings of time, the path of the magician, and I'd be an idiot to do anything less than assert my own Will in the same fashion.

Ask any of the archdemons to show you your own soul through their own eyes.  It's fucking transcendental. I fell to my knees to kneel before Samael when that happened, I was so in awe and shaken to the core I couldn't fucking stand, and he picked me up by the neck and said "Our kind doesn't kneel, unless we kneel for the guillotine."

Stuck with me ever since.

FerrousLucius Apr 12 '18
Since I haven't submitted my 2 copper shapped discs I will offer you a less interesting occult practice on selling your soul. 

In certain teachings, selling your soul is simply submitting to the teachings of a particular force/Archetype/entity/deity/egregor or even human teacher. You fully submit during a pathworking and let whatever guiding force it may be,  inspire change in your personality , way of thinking and lifestyle.....etc

Ex. BELIAL. since Belial is all the rage right now. You pathwork and seek in all ways to become truly "masterless," (which is essentially  what the Title "Belial" means,this means not being a slave even to yourself, aswell as the more obvious.

Anyway,thats a slightly less interesting way, but it is one particular perspective on the matter.

Then there is always signing a pact, this in many circles would be considered selling ones soul, depending on the particulars of the agreement.

But I am also totally Left Hand. And agree with Obscura And Lucifercrow. LH don't worship or follow blindly. LH don't make themselves slaves.LH is all about harnessing the inner power. Being strong and independent, not relying on outer forces for your strength. You learn what you can from who or what you can. And manifest your desires yourself.

In that sense, yes the Faustian deal is absolute and utterly contradictory to that of the LHP. Not to say there aren't paths that would utilize such a bargain, but definitely not the LHP, of whom all of the Darker forces are stereotypically associated with. 

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FerrousLucius Apr 16 '18
If I would venture to say the one major fucking Achilles heel to the Left, is developing self dogma. It is an easy path to entrench yourself in. Left unchecked it can be self defeating. It is easy to self decive and delude oneself. Many choose the left to break free from external forces only to enslave themselves internally. 


I would also say that many come to the left hand as a reaction against thier previous engagements. And it's fairly common when going down this path, to burn all previous bridges. Hell I did it. It was when I didn't really understand LHP philosophy, however. I find it was beneficial in destroying all attachment to those previous philosophies. It's how many begin thier journey down this path.

It takes quite awhile to balence it out and no longer be simply a reactionary. I think of the LH in general as simply a tool. It's a great place to start and to also help purge yourself of unwarranted abstraction as mentioned above by Dark Enlightenment. But it has some major pitfalls when used poorly.  If you venture down the left hand far enough you enevitably reach a point where you have to purge self dogma and Branch out a bit. Lest you shove your head too far up your own ass. And become inflexabile and Ridgid.


Quote from AK And yet, I can't help but notice that there is something thematically consistent with the severity and limitation associated with Geburah and the left pillar in general and the notion of an iron clad pact.

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Troll Member
Troll Jun 16 '18

We're not Jews! You can tell because we totally chose our Messiah and then blamed his death on the Christ-killers.

We're not Christians! You can tell because we're talking about meeting at midnight and drinking our leader's blood and eating his flesh.

We don't worship idols! All those statues and pictures and shit we got lying around with food and incense an whatnot are all scintillating facets of the One True God that YOU worship, don'tcha know.

I tell ya, we ain't pagans! We've totally got your back when the Romans show up, demanding taxes and sacrifices.

No way, we're not witches! We don't oil ourselves up with psychotropics, toss off our skins and fly through the air to get fucked by the Great Horned One!

We are NOT black magicians, i attest! We do NOT steal the hosts from Catholics and blaspheme the Holy Spirit on them, consuming them on the vulva of a harlot while drinking her menses piss!

No, it's not true, we do NOT worship demons! We don't set up macabre mementos mori, trace out the Yellow Sign, gate in outlandish fiends, and cater to their orgiastic desires!

Hell no, we're not Luciferians! We aren't rolling about in Gnostic Agapes high as a kite and glorying in the Oneness of Our God of This World!

It is a lie, we are NOT Satanists! We do not sell ourselves to the Devil for worldly power and serve his purposes as part of an anti-Christian agenda!

How long must this denial go on? In the 1980s the Neopagans were screaming "But we *aren't* Satanists, really! Don't hurt us! Don't take our children away and forbid us from gathering naked in our dark groves and fucking in our Great Rites!"

They'd lost the Path. Instead, they should have been EMBRACING of what they'd been accused, grasping with both hands the horns of the Azazel Goat God and screaming with delight:

FUCK YES! We are the tiny fairy people who are accused of stealing children and swapping them out for changelings and accused of eating them to earn our holy salvation! But no! Instead, we LOVE children and kittens and worshipping the Old Gods and Satan TOO! He's really very fun and friendly, you just have to get to know him, that Old Scratch!!!! What a card!

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