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Seth Mar 3 '18

Thought I'd share this - kudos to Brian for being such a great individual.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 3 '18
Person doing something nice. Fixed. More specifically, person doing something nice and stimulating their altruism buzz. A self delivered drug. Worth it if you don't get up your own ass with all the good you do for the world.

However, at no point in this clip did I see reference to Satan or Satanism. The use of Satanist doing good in this title is less fitting then saying "Floridian doing good". It is an unnecessary descriptor and I would like it replaced with one not carrying an inherent contradiction in form.  

Otherwise you're casting Satanism into a light that begs for acceptance in the court of public opinion. 

Apart from that, service dogs are awesome.

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Seth Mar 17 '18
@darklightenlightment - that's the great thing about Brian, he's a satanist, but he doesn't rub it in people's face. That said, he's also not shy to talk about his convictions in public even though he's a business guy (runs a printer business in the US, amongst other things) and that takes courage, i know i would be terrified i'd lose business over my convictions. 
InfinitasX Mar 17 '18

I applaud the efforts being made here. As one who works with the community on a regular basis, I certainly do not go about putting my personal beliefs in everyone's face. That is not my place nor the point as to doing what I do. Not all of us are about getting off on what we do, although it is nice to do so upon occasion. It is about making a difference and being proactive. I could sit on my ass and bitch or get up and do something about it. My choice is to get up and to do. Anyways, there is my two bits on the subject. 

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