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Seth Mar 3 '18
Hi! I'm grateful for all the books we have access to - but i'm looking for something practical. I recently really enjoyed Jordan Peterson "12 rules for life" which is very satanic in nature (even though not advertised as such)  - are there other books in that line of thinking out there? Thanks!
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 3 '18
Let us take a gander at these.

Is this something Magristra Emily Post teaches in satanism finishing school?

"Now class, today we are going to learn The 9 Satanic Statements and 11 rules of Earth. No elbows on the table." 

Number 6 is "Let he who is without sin..." for Christians, and "Don't be a hypocrite" for satanists, where applicable. 

I would give you suggestions but I can't figure out what exactly you see as Satanic here.

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Anna Mar 3 '18
I love the rule 12. I always pet every cat I find on my way. If they let me, of course. But most of the cats I meet are very friendly. 
Diane Mar 7 '18

For practical LaVeyan Satanism...I would recommend, if you haven't already:

Ragnar Redberd- Might is Right

Robert Greene- 48 Laws of Power

My ex-husband is a devout CoS member and he swears by these.

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Seth Mar 17 '18

@DarkEnlightenment  - that's the 'joke' of the book - JP doesn't care much about rules and thinks books about rules are not bringing much value. I highly recommend you have a look at this video, it explains his philosphy a lot better:


Seth Mar 17 '18
@me - thank you! yes I have both, and they are great books indeed!
fnord Mar 23 '18
If you like Jordan Peterson, and you intend to follow his advice about being less agreeable, you may need William Fairbairn's "Get Tough" at some point. 

Protecting one's own corporeal existence is important - how else would you enjoy all of those carnal pleasures? 

Nothing earth shattering - just some easy to remember tactics to dispense with the average blustering drunk. 


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Seth Mar 25 '18
Thanks @fnord - i'll have a read through! ????????
Seth Mar 25 '18
@AK i'm getting both of these - cheers!
Seth Mar 26 '18
@AK - "Indian Demonology - the inverted pantheon" looks brilliant, shame it's 35 quids on Amazon and no kindle version either.. i'll try to get a second hand copy. 
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