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Guess who
Guess who Sep 9 '14
What is your political affiliation or ideology? It will be interesting to see how or if satanism effects political views.

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Sep 9 '14
I am a democratic socialist. I believe in a strong democratic republic  state, with plentiful individual rights, but a very strong government control on all major aspects of the economy, including the semi-nationalization of critical industries. 

In terms of my actual affiliations, I stay with the regular democratic party as opposed to the socialist party, because independent parties are nearly always destructive to every other party on its side of the political spectrum. 

Anna Sep 10 '14
Social democracy.
Shawn Sep 11 '14
I have not a single tic.
Pilgrimm Sep 12 '14
A benevolent oligarchy makes sense to me, in regards to a caste system.  You have the wise, cunning and trained at the top, knowing what to move towards with the whole of the population ready to achieve that goal.
Guess who
Guess who Sep 13 '14
I identify with the general term "libertarian," though I tend to differ from mainstream libertarianism. For this reason, I usually use the term "classical liberal" instead, as it usually seems to be regarded as less extreme.
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Sep 14 '14
I list myself on good ole Facebook as a Political "activist".. though I suppose you would see me more in the Liberal/Progressive front more often than not. 
Icecold99 Oct 2 '14

The Church of Satan believes that there is a natural hierarchy in the human kingdom just like there is in nature.  I think this is true in some situations and not in others.  The people with most of the wealth in the United States are people from rich families.  They don't possess any qualities that are essentially strong or intelligent.  They rule over people with religious tradition, technology and also by getting everybody else to do what they tell them to do.  The bourgeoisie have a largely parasitic function. 

Have you all ever seen the movie They Live?  Rowdy Roddy Piper is the protagonist. 

JasinElric Oct 5 '14
I consider myself a Nationalist.  I do feel that my particular brand of Satanism falls in line with Nationalism, but one certainly did not lead to, or effect the other.
Jon S Manager
Jon S Oct 5 '14
I have no political affiliation.
JasinElric Oct 5 '14

Quote from JustJon I have no political affiliation.
How about an ideology?  That was part of the OP's question.
Jon S Manager
Jon S Oct 5 '14

Quote from JasinElric
Quote from JustJon I have no political affiliation.
How about an ideology?  That was part of the OP's question.

Not really. Never been the least bit interested. My only concern is my daily life. :)

JasinElric Oct 6 '14
That's everyone's concern, politics are what threaten and protect that. I'm sure whenever what you have is either amplified or taken away, you'll start having some views.
DoomMasterHell Mar 9 '15
I consider myself libertarian.
Venedith Mar 18 '15
anarchism makes the most sense to me in terms of Satanism and my actual political beliefs.

suppose if i were to really get into it, i suppose you could call me an anarcho-Satanist

Kat Mar 27 '15
I have an anarchist political ideology.
Juice Mar 27 '15
I align myself with Communism. Money has no value whatsoever, and wars have been fought because of it; people killed; shootings; robberies; etc (not saying It'd be different under Communism). The sharing of common goods and all sorts seem the best to me. There has been (and still is) propaganda that shuns it's very livelihood. Capitalism is another mindless food chain created to trample on the less fortunate and keep more. Government wouldn't work either, which means that a single commune can be self sufficient. Not a whole country, but rather a series of communes across a land that live their way. Look at your own government, see through it, and think. Fuck the system and its enforcement, just another way to control your ways as a human-being.
Andy Mohr
Andy Mohr Sep 12 '15
Radical liberal on social issues. On economy, I prefer that government does what works, without any ideology, totally pragmatic and technocratic.
Owner/Admin Sep 13 '15
I am pro-gun, pro-choice, legalization of homosexuals and most drugs. And anti-big bother.
Heh Sep 15 '15
Technocratic-Socialism - "to each according to his contribution" and "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need," which can be brought about through advanced technology and a sense of compassion with professors, engineers, doctors, and scientists in office instead of lobbyists and warlords.
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