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Heh Sep 15 '15
@Joshua Noctis: If you're pro-gay and pro-masculine, and pro-military and pro-prostitution, how can you be anti-diversity? Homosexuality is not known for its masculinity (not to say  homosexuals are not masculine, but the majority I know are feminine by nature). Military is bound by law and law states that prostitution is illegal in most American states, which already makes your pro- ideals very diverse.

I am not trying to ruffle feathers, I am just confused by what you mean by anti-diversity.

Heh Sep 15 '15
Okay. That makes sense. Why not just anti-genocide or is it only whites that shouldn't be victims of genocide?
FraterLucimetheus Member
FraterLucimetheus Sep 30 '15
manumission Oct 9 '15
I'm a hardline leftist.  I feel like we should work together, blah blah blah.  Community taking care of itself.  Kill all who impede progress.
We should work for a better future, which falls in line with a lot of Satanist doctrine, which is what drew me to the faith in the first place.

[{Diversity is Anti-White. I work at a library and one of my duties is to sort mail. Today, an academic journal caught my eye called "Children and Libraries." In this journal, I found an article titled "What it means to be White," written by an Allie Jane Bruce, a children's librarian from New York City. In this article, she condemns white people, claiming "often well intention white people do the most harm to children' psyches." The author of this post is white. Allie Bruce continues to condemn white people in this article, claiming that only whites do bad things and that they are "unaware of it." This is what diversity is. Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

No.  No it isn't.  Some people are racist and some people are sexist.  Diversity, by definition, means being inclusive.  Why do white people always think that "diversity" means "white genocide"?  Is it because white people have perpetuated most acts of genocide and xenocide throughout history?

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Padowan Oct 11 '15
Political Ideology
"In social studies, a political ideology is a certain ethical set of ideals, principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of a social movement, institution, class, and/or large group that explains how society should work, and offers some political and cultural blueprint for a certain social order." Wikipedia

A political ideology, not unlike religion, is a set of ethical standards and constraints imposed upon the individual for the benefit of the masses. The Satanist sets his own standards. At its core, political ideology is a distribution of power. Most often an unequal and disproportionate allocation of power. A Satanist's ideology runs counter this. Power belongs to the individuals. It is not the concern of the Satanist to conform others to his standards and expectations. Freedom of self requires the freedom of others. Expectations and constraints when placed upon another sets the precedent that you can, and will, submit to the same. It also sets the stage for the need for monitoring and enforcement.

The best ideology is freedom from political ideologies. Freedom from restraint in both belief and skepticism. Political agendas have one purpose: to subjugate individuals to an order of behavior; to make human behavior orderly. Predictable. Manageable. Malleable. Social order guised in ethical righteousness is still social control.

What about anarchy? Based on the defining characteristics of a political ideology, anarchy cannot apply. It is a philosophy.

"...emphasize the individual and their will over external determinants such as groups, society, traditions, and ideological systems."

Sounds like a Satanist to me.
ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Oct 19 '15
I like a free market where all the alphas can fight each other to get to the top - to me that seems more in line with nature anyway.
I like right wing economics.
I actually vote conservative but I am anything but - I think I enjoy the security of structure even though I live on the outside of it.
I am pro-gun (which in Australia is actually left wing).
I am pro-life but will vote pro-choice - I might not have an abortion myself but I respect another's choice to do such.
I respect Christianity even though I don't believe in God simply because I enjoy a culture that was based on it.
In Australia, right wing nuts like me have a saying - "Love it or Leave." In other words, if you don't want to embrace our culture - Fuck Off! If you are happy to respect it then welcome and bring your awesome diversity.
I don't care who marries who (except children). I would also support a vote for polygamy if it ever came about.
I agree females should get equal pay so long as they are doing an equal job, but I can't stand feminism... As far as I'm concerned it goes against the natural order.

SecondSon Oct 29 '15
Marxist communist, capitalism inevitably destroys its base and sooner or later it will bring humanity down with it.

Non-capitalism + non-statism = communism. No soviet style state capitalist communism
Millsy Member
Millsy Nov 20 '15
......socially liberal, fiscally conservative and also libertarian: LEGALIZE EVERYTHING!! :)  prostitution, drugs etc.... 
Sep 26 '20
I don't have any political affiliation or ideology that I subscribe to. I often laugh at those that would mix politics with Satanism to cause some "Satanic change" or whatever you call it, as politics (leftist) contradicts Satanic philosophy. TST can be a perfect example of this, the "Satanic" kids that try to act all rebely, but instead chose's to conform to the collective. Another example that I can point out is this, whoever considers himself or herself a Communist/Satanist is a laughing stock in my opinion. As Communism is also a contradiction to Satanism itself. I am pretty sure all of you can figure this out, if you get your heads right. For those who were never born in a Communist country, you wouldn't of course understand as to what it's like living under a dictatorship. My mom has, and frankly if one of you decided to walk in the red square to show off your Baphomet medallion, you would be immediately put to a gulag. Also another thing that I find funny, is if one who has read the Communist Manifesto, it clearly states that Communism gets rid of "religion." So technically speaking for some theists, if you proudly considered yourself a believer in "Satan," you would also immediately vanish in a Communist state. The same can apply for any person with a different philosophical view as well, since Communism becomes the dominant totalitarian philosophy once a state becomes Communistic. So yes, I would always roll my eyes when I would stumble on posts of those who believe in trying to add any leftist or extreme right political ideology within Satanism, as they are both entirely separate with contradictions, especially Communism! Yes, every individual has a right to mix their unicorn ideology to "Satanism." Nothing wrong with that, "go do your own thing man." But at the same time, I of course have my reasons to laugh at that. You can argue with me all you want, but I don't have time for petty ideological arguing.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 26 '20
I can't help it. And I can't be above it.

I must have an opinion no matter how artificial the control mechanism is. 

That withstanding Uncle Tom's Satanism, and its complete loss of the identifiable personality markers. The assumption being the left speaks for the values of a consistent Satanic ideology. And that is laughable. 

That said, I am still somewhere on a grid relatively unchanged from my position 5 years ago. Locked into libertarianism. Invariably these agree/disagree questions are something I consistently find I have an opinion on.

I am also willing to bet that purple quadrant (The Laissez Faire Quandrant) is a consistent landing spot, even among the most autodeified.

Compare your results! 

The funniest thing about the above being Biden is right by Obama on this. Yet again, The country is choosing between two authoritative right of center (by world standard) politicians regardless of party affiliation. 

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talisman Jan 3
Ecology. Preservation of what we've got, which is precious and I really believe nobody can really understand how precious it is. In fact I'm sure that everybody would willingly destroy everything for politics and ideology. I used to believe in communism, but it has flaws. Maybe at a later date. Anarchy, a right for the individual, but what about societies? Anarchy would lead to dissolution of functioning systems. My vision is not of destruction, but of embedding old with the new. 
Feb 5
Closer to a "Green" Libertarian for me

Cornelius Coburn
Nothing, or, libertarian if I had to choose right now at this moment, but I don't feel comfortable here, so I'm leaving now.
Roxanne DeMonica

It appears I'm on the fringes of the radical middle/Nelson Mandela.

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Feb 7
I'm obviously a Futurist-Celestial-Liberal-Leftist-Euro-Socialist-Democrat. That's when you not only believe that ethnic minorities, homosexuals, non-binaries, genderfluids, queers, New Agers, and non-racist White People can live in harmony together, but we also believe in living together in a real space colony!

Become a citizen of Asgardia, the solar system's first Space Nation!

Dark Enlightenment
Anybody in the green is a communist, there I said it. 

I thought we were supposed to about fountainheads and capitalism because that's social darwinism and you people all have to want to regulate conglomerates and stop multinationals from their outsourcing globalized destiny! Next thing you'll all support the SEC. 

Seriously, I would be most surprised to see anybody come back near Stalin.

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Devil Warship

And I get accused of being far right! The truth is that all of the West is going farther and farther left, leaving those of us who would once have been considered Center Left now finding the ground has shifted beneath our feet and we have somehow found ourselves Center Right. 

I'm a dope smokin', porn lovin', LGBT supporting Satanist who also supports the entire Bill of Rights (including the 2nd Amendment), believes that a nation can't exist if it doesn't enforce its own borders, that a nation can't exist if it fractures into separatist groups according to skin color or ethnicity, and that equal treatment means that, if black people can have black pride, then white people can have white pride. 

These days, JFK would be considered Right Wing. It's ridiculous. 

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