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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 28 '18

Is fucking with the queer (outcasts/freaks/strange) taught, natural, or both?

I think of other mammals. All lions are lions but are separated by pride. I see this as a distinctly mammalian trait. 

The progressives might argue it's purely taught.  This is wrong IMO. That suggests its not natural or can be easily  "evolved" from.  

What makes a freak is arbitrary, an adaptive set of criteria that could be; Skin color, sexual orientation, wealth, popularity, or any other metric of separation.

The natural part is the need to do it. Subsets and associated cliques (prides) exist and promote equilibrium.  Our minds are empathetic to a point. Our mind's reward centers are wired to enjoy bullying and targeting behavior.  To me, this is where the arbitrary reason becomes a vehicle of stratification. The natural "Lucifer principle" of social casting.  And there will always be an untouchable.

The naive ones are the fucktards who think they can remove the animal from man. Next they'll be trying to get all the lions on the savanha to share territory.

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Anna Apr 28 '18
Let's consider a story about an ugly duckling. Sometimes, you get ostracized because you're like that peg that tries too hard to fit into the round hole. You simply are in the wrong place. You put yourself into the wrong slot so to speak. Unfortunately, the fear of exclusion can be so strong that it makes people try to change their own natures in order to fit in instead of finding the place they belong, their own niche. I mean... would it be better for the "duckling" to get accepted? Rejection can be an opportunity and a challenge. Everything in nature happens for a reason.

Now I realize what I wrote is probably too romantic but fuck that.

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