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Dark Enlightenment

If often hear people remark about that noticable (yet intangible, possibly empathetic) spark of life people have in there eyes that disappears when they die.  Often times this is attributed to some nebulous "thing" beyond the meat sack that exists. A "soul" or "life energy" or some Eastern bullshit I never bothered to read up on.

All indicated by that light in their eyes.  That sign of blah blah... Couldn't be intelligence could it?

Still, I implore you if you're of this belief to consider the soul of the humble squid. A look into those eyes and you can see that spark of life, it's curious about whatever's filming it. Upon death it will go to the water eternity, unless marine life and other life can exist in the same eternal medium. Amen. Gloop.

Sorry for wasting your time...

This topic is about intelligence being a trait expressed by the gloss of the ocular lens.  Like gaydar but with higher neural functioning.

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