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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jul 1 '18
  We have a pathetic but persistent troll emailing people on this network pretending to be administration.  If you get a email that sounds strange or threatening it probably is fake. The administration rarely emails anyone so be suspicious. Any questions shoot me a message here. Thanks.
Anna Jul 1 '18
You mean all those cyber sex emails I get and masturbate to aren't actually from you???

Well... I'm disappointed.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 2 '18
I am just going to start stringing together random shit (even for me) the next time he does something.

"No one told you to buy potatoes. How can you call it a warp drive without enough kool-aid to wash the elephant." 

Or something that's extremely baffling to respond to. 

The Forum post is edited by Dark Enlightenment Jul 2 '18
Anna Jul 2 '18
The best method is starving/stagnating the idiot. Not publishing his comments, not quoting them here and no responding to them.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 2 '18
Too passive, despite being "smarter" to ignore the cranky child until they run out of steam. However, since when have I ever been one for smarter methods. Especially "direction" like what you just provided.
Anna Jul 2 '18
You'll do as you wish. Your WordPress, not mine. I'm talking about my way of moderation. The troll comments and stupid pictures usually end up in the trash folder unless they really happen to be comedy gold.
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