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roommates2018 Aug 6 '18
I found this very interesting site and soon registered.
Mr Zach helped me to join here (Thanks, Zach :-)

I'm traveling now through Europe. I talked to my people.
Looks like we're entering the time of enlightenment.
Our task is to study the wisdow to detect deception and
realize the Brand New Age for freedom of each religious
view, justice & true harmony.

This site is definitely interesting for me to inspire our sense.

Thanks for all here. :-D
AK Aug 6 '18
I am happy for all the wisdow in the world as well.
roommates2018 Aug 6 '18
Yes. Our age is a hard time, but I'm also glad to read people's wisdom.
Internet is the nice place to study it. These days I am almost not
watching Facebook. That's empty place.
AK Aug 6 '18
I totally agree. You should buy a shirt.
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