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orange_juice Aug 10 '18


In my opinion, Satanism is about doing your best at life and having the fullest experience of human existence. It provides many practical methods for achieving this as well. While others pray, we make shit happen for ourselves. We are gods.

I have dreams and so much still to enjoy in life. I'm so glad I found Satanism; it's just how I've always felt about the world deep down and it's really helped me develop as a person.

I'm feeling very inspired today and I hope you feel good as well!

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 10 '18

So by "developed as a person" you mean you pushed yourself to the limits of what you can take for the purposes of selective anarchy?  Put your principle above your comfort to fully presence that adversity?

Because this comes off like Tony Robbins self help shit.

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orange_juice Aug 19 '18
sorry but i have no idea what you're talking about. i can kind of guess something but i might be completely wrong. anyway, what i was saying was that i just think satanism is really great and smart and that i've used it in my life to give direction and strength to me.
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