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Scorbius Sep 9 '18
I am a newbie here, and I thought I'd start a topic :) If you want, could you please share what brought you to Satan and to your current path?

Hail Satan!

rawhead1313 Sep 15 '18
Hey Scorbius, 

         Even though Ive been on this site for awhile, I still consider myself a newbie as well. I was raised in a very religious home and I always felt it was forced on me. As I got older and started to find my own path, I discovered satanism through my love of the "dark side". After reading the Satanic Bible that made more sense to me then anything else. How did you come to be here??


Scorbius Sep 16 '18
Hi Rawhead1313,

Christianity was also forced on me when I was younger (age 11+) because everyone in my family went, and so I had to go along too instead of staying at home without adult supervision. I also discovered Satanism through "The Satanic Bible" because a classmate wrote down that book and the "Necronomicon" for me on a piece of paper. I went and got those two books without my parents knowing. I was 17. They wouldn't have bought it for me (I was still in school and not working yet, so I used my allowance) because they were heavily involved in the church.

I live in Ontario, Canada. The churches I have been to and the sermons the pastors preach don't have anything to do with Satan or spiritual warfare against him. I think that's more in the USA, because I have read books by American authors who wrote those kinds of books. I also sought out Satan through reading some of those spiritual warfare books because I thought I could learn about him that way. The church lies about him. I sensed this and kept looking for other literature about him. I wanted to know him better. I was in my early 20s at the time. 
I'm still getting to know him. I am a theistic Satanist.

Thanks for replying, I enjoyed reading your post!


Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Sep 29 '18
I have alway been pulled to the Satanic current my study toward real enlightenment through reading was at the age of 16. There was no before that because i always believed in Satanism and the LHP. I have been a Spiritual SATANIST 26 yrs . The only true spiritual path for the true person that wants to have true spiritual enlightenment and break any kinda of Spiritual enslavement for the Demuigric cult . DEATH to there teachings . For we where he so much longer then THEIR poisonous ways.. HAIL SATAN HAIL THE BLACKFLAME .
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Lookingforthelimit Sep 30 '18
I feel I have been a Satanist at heart for many many years now, however never labelled myself really until this year. It was love that bought me to my current path. My ex destroyed me and enjoyed watching me suffer, she got off on my pain. I sort answers and guidance from any direction I could find, but got my only solace from many dark and meaningful discussions with my Father Satan, and my Lord steered me to where I am today, he lifted me up and guided me onto the path I was always meant to be on. I now know where I need to be and talk to Father every day. Since coming out to family and friends and explaining my views, and openly admit to being a Satanist, I walk tall, have prayers answered, and feel more of a person than I ever have. Looking to myself and coming to terms with my genuine feelings has opened up a whole new world to me. All thanks to following the one true path! Hail Satan and Hail Thyself!
Velopsy Oct 19 '18

As a young child I was drawn to horned figures from minotaurs to the gargoyles from the cartoon Gargoyles. In my preteen years I started to resent my Islamic upbringing (and the concept of dogma in general) and would occasionally flirt with the idea of turning to Shaitan/Iblis. I felt that at least Shaitan wouldn't make me have to live a rigid life of purity in order to get the promise of some alleged paradise. I met a wiccan one day in high school which inspired me to learn about paganism.  I would go to the New Age section and ended up with several books. I still had passing thoughts about worshipping Satan in high school so around my junior year of high school I decided to finally go with my thoughts. That lasted like two years. I spent some time away from Satanism but several years later I came back. This my true path.

Morepath Feb 3 '19
When you stop and think about it He has always been there. It's not so much about being drawn to Him but rather recognising His enduring presence. 
jj1212 Mar 3 '19
I was raised catholic for as long as I can remember. I am 45 right now. Around the age of 15 or 16, I started getting satanic thoughts, things like draw a large pentagram on the floor and kneel in it. Or I was curious, as I saw a book on it around that age. I was scared of it then, but still drawn to it. Around a month or two, I was looking at images of succubus, harmless right? then started looking at other images, then reading about witchcraft, satanism, etc. and have utterly been drawn into it. Dreams, a strong pull to it and a feeling of wellbeing... and some other little signs show im on the right path.
Lovely_HellWhore Jul 12 '19
Was raised into a Protestant christian family believing in the power of Satan to begin with but of course was told to stay away. My childhood church had a real tendency, weather they knew it or not, to make Satan look really powerful and awesome. I became fascinated with wild stories of Satan's powe and the powers of his demons, weather or not they were true, and saw them in a more positive light than everyone else I knew; everyone around me seemed to fear him more and more while I gradually became more and more attracted to Satan even on a chemical level. I started to desire that power and just desire his presence more than anything and feel like my life would have no meaning without this Great Darkness. The awe and submission I once had toward The Enslaver (the Christian god) was quickly and easily turned toward Satan. I kept getting little signs, and i keep getting them. I dedicated my soul to Satan on my 14th birthday a little hap-hazardly because I was so eager and new. I'm still new in my own eyes. Ever since then, even if i steer away from The Faith, I find myself always coming back, like a reflex. Sometimes I question my worthiness, but I NEED Satan, and I WANT him. Given the signs throughout my life and also some family history and the circumstance of my birth (my mother is an apostate satanist, which I found out after I myself became one. I was also born with a supposed "curse" from a satanic witch who had befriended her during pregnancy), I believe that, weather or not I think i'm worthy, I've been destined to be a Satanist since childhood.
malwin5 Aug 13 '19

Hello, malwin5 here, I am newish here and am learning of The Concept of Satanism in this modern World, and indeed giving thought to becoming, one day in the future, a practising Satanist, physically and spiritually, so I am beginning to learn the ways of Satan, so being here at SIN, is a part of my own learning process, and this is an awesomely interesting place, for I, thank you.

So, for I, Satanism is, for this moment, a way to indulge myself in humane and pleasurable hedonistic deep and dark sexual delights, by Worshipping The Dark One, Satan, whom is represented, for The World, in the form of The Baphomet, Primal Parent Figure.

Should I ever do so, indulge in the worship, that is, I need to know how to do this and survive the experience intact, so for I, Humane Satanism is the way forward.

So, I guess that Satan is drawing me to Himself, gradually and progressively according to my own desires and wishes, which for I, nowadays, are all humane.

Kind regards from malwin5, HAIL SATAN.

Discordia Member
Discordia Aug 30 '19
Pretty boring really. Met a guy, fell in love. He is a Satanist and suggested that I would like TSB. I did, we lived happily ever after and now we’re trying to start a Satanic media empire.
Beastmode Nov 1 '19
I have always been drawn to the darker side of the occult and satanism,but I also had a visit from Satan at the age of eight 
Ian Dec 18 '21
I was raised agnostic, Satan called me to explore his dark path 4 1/2 years ago. I started as an atheistic satanist. Now for a year he made me clear to worship him in a theistic way as a dark Father and Master. He's now like a dark companion for me present 24/7.
KPaz666 Jul 22 '22
Short story of a long saga: 
I grew up in an Atheist household but I've always had a tangible ties to Satan.  Hard to explain but over the years, there has been numerous occasions meeting fellow Satanists or just being drawn to Satan / LHP.  

What sealed the deal was a trip I had taken to LA a few years back. I went into a bookstore in the San Fernando Valley and happened to find three different books on all things Satan. i started reading more on Satan and found myself drawn to him and to the religion.  

When I did "come out" as a Satanist; I did come out as a Atheistic but I'm more and more drawn to the Theistic side.  

RobLaQuq Jan 18 '23
I have been drawn to the oocult and dark forces since I was 6-7 years old. 

but for a long time I was a Layean Satanist and slowly I was fed up with the atheism in that scene. I started to explore other path of Satanism and found spiritual/theistic satanism being more me. 

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