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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 18 '18
As I drive listening to this Stone Sour song (Song 3) I am reminded of all the many ways Disney, in this case Touchstone Pictures ruined interpersonal expectations with their perfection of wetness inducing fluffy chick flick endings.

It says the average girl is so easy that all a suiter need do is take the bitch to see something with "saving" at the end.

No you whore, you didn't save shit, market research just shows women like some OCD fuck telling Helen Hunt he wants to be a better man. Even though that is a different movie the damage of Pretty Woman is still apparent. 

So this isn't just a rant I would like to ask what is it about watching the magical vagina making a man change that gets you all off? Is it a security thing? An importance thing?

Sidebar for The Mallrats bullshit where the bitch is so important the guy does ANYTHING to win the mighty Shannon Dougherty cunt back.

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AK Sep 18 '18
Honestly? You've earned it. We've been bantering a hot minute. 

They don't admit this; women. It's something having younger sisters might clue you into - just by observation alone. If you think the teddy bears with holes in them is too obscene to mention, chicks will surprise you. And it only gets worse. Lollipops  or veggies in saran wraps hidden under beds. 

It's not magical. That thing down there. It's ravenous. It's another mouth to stuff. You know this video is sheer irony, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K73-hmaHPHY

Do you know why they moan? After you're done, they've only just begun and want another one. That's not a problem, by any means, but A games are advised (I also have little bothers - and like seeing them happy as well Hit it and quit it goes nowhere for anyone. Clams need work. And that's a secret even my mom won't share. Probably due to morals or things they giggle about with friends. I haven't uncorked that lid.) 

My approach is... I think Corey got gayer after Paul died. I get it. try having a friend that you miss in a way that makes you second-guess your sexuality. That's actually what one of my most unpleasant tattoos are for. It's not "gay" but it teaches you a lot about, no homo, soft and wet types of feelings -  like missing people, constantly dreaming of people you're not even into sexually: they're just dead - gone / gone and you have to deal with it. Or worse! To deal with your own psyche unraveling the meaning of that. It brings out the mother in anyone. 

I can almost (almost) promise you it's not about the pussy. It's about this singular want to go home. In my opinion, the dude is hurt. I think he's been dragging it out a bit, but who am I to say? What I can tell you, though, is having a female to hold you at night or even few for an hour or so - there is nothing better than that. Scream all you like. Injure people. Do "manly" things. That's what you want to go home to. That's what makes "home" home. It's just how it works. 

At the end of the day, you're going to want someone to stroke your hair and look you in the eyes exactly like your care taker did when you were sick. Or___ if you're a woman___ someone you feel utterly safe with. They like that, and there's a certain irony to it. 

Men want to be children. 

Women want their fathers back. 

And so on and so forth.

Hurt boy. Good voice.

I stopped liking them the instant the masks came off.

(staring though blackened eyes) 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Sep 18 '18
There is a point of natural tolerance. 

It works through non application (N/A)

Regardless of the Bill Doughtery-esque pathetic reason that brought you to that place there is a point where it ceases to matter. Physical contact (let alone love, sex, and pain) erodes from having any importance. 'Institionalization' towards affection.  Even the following disolves:

At the end of the day, you're going to want someone to stroke your hair and look you in the eyes exactly like your care taker did when you were sick.

The desire for even that is replaced by wanting to make ANY Boo Boo Kitty Fuck that wants to hold you at the end of your day cry and feel unappreciated. It takes a while (and failure) to get there, but when you do you begin to completely understand the UCSB shooter.  If you are a non-violent type just do what the monks do, tulpas and masturbation. 

But to bring it back to the topic and simplify the question:

Why do most women like those Pretty Woman, "Blue Chip Whore saves douchey jackass right back" endings?

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AK Sep 19 '18
I can't tell if this conversation is hinging on an abstraction like salvation or D1 down-regulation. I don't have the skills to manage both. 
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