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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 6 '18
   I have been asking myself this for a long time. Before the internet even. I first figured it was because I lived in Arizona and not a lot of black people in AZ. But Plenty of Mexicans. Very few Mexican Satanists either. 

  Once I started looking online I was convinced. I would say 80% of Satanists are white and 80% of that are men. I have a theory. 

   African Americans tended to be former slaves or related too former slaves. Slave owners were notoriously religious and seems like something Ol' Whitey would do is push the fear of good into those slaves. Skipping through a handful of generations you still have the religious infections in the African Americans also paired up now with social and economical repression.  Sure most people were religiously repressed a few hundred years ago but the Black population likely got the worst of it. 

So, in short my theory is cultural, climate and lack of education. 

The reason I think we see far to few female Satanists I believe has to do with the archetype. Satan is all that is masculine and manly. Maybe to much testosterone going on. Although with the emergence of the south park gay Satan maybe we will see some more women. Joking. But I see more women gravitating towards Wicca and Pagan branches that are more earthy with more mystical elements or a Goddess. In short more feminine appeal.

Your thoughts? 

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Pusher Mod
Pusher Nov 6 '18
Come ON! Say it already you fucking racist. Look at you all blonde and blue. Wasn't your Grand father Schroder a Nazi war criminal banker or something? Eh Mr. Black ( Schroeder) . That 'E' aint foolin no one pal! That 'E' stands for Eugenics ! ( Which I fully support ) . You even have the word ' Ubermunch ' ( Sorry I am not a Nazi I can't spell non Jew words). Finally you got a black sun tattoo on your arm! Black sun was in Himmiler Castle. 


Jesus Zach you are getting soft in your years. You early days on YouTube you woulda said what we all know. 

We are better! It is STRATIFICATION ! Lex Talions ! We are WHITE MEN ! ( Not me I lack genitals and I am grey) . 

Now sell some meth at the school yard you skinhead pecker wood. I seen your new pics. 

Hey I think I see your Grand Pa in this ! 

See Nazi 

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Pusher Mod
Pusher Nov 6 '18
Look see! He has Nazi fan girls too! Now they would a great Mayo sandwich between two pieces of white bread. They so white I bet they peel of the crust!  

Nazis and their black sun death grip ! 

AK Nov 6 '18
'Same reason the majority of school shooters are.
Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Nov 6 '18

Once I started looking online I was convinced. I would say 80% of Satanists are white and 80% of that are men. I have a theory. 

White males, especially young rebellious white males are like girls from a place with "hills" in the name on Phi Beta Kappa rush week. Anything to be the select. In this same way males gravitate towards being the most bad ass person they can be. 

So while the trend you see is white males, thats just the most likely to want to reinvent themselves as "Gangsta". I'm sure the actual demographics of those possessing the "core" are the united colors of diversity.

The same reason suburban whites kids got those badass straps.  Do people still say "straps"... I have lost touch. Did you know "lit" no longer means trashed?

Late Edit: Also, I really dont think "white oppressor" is a Christian/Satan thing as much as the mountain coming to the child rapist. An Islam/white devil thing. 

In Amerikkka the oppressor of black folk is law enforcememt. That is a non-religious thing. The rebellion is in blasting that fool that fucking looked at you wrong. The only oppressor of white america is the psychotic religious mom that gets disowned by Tommy once he stops being deaf, dumb, and blind.

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AK Nov 6 '18
Strapped as an adjective is still in use. It's not at all common to refer to a strap as an noun. Typically you give it a name - "Kate", for example, and you only mention said name to those who know you well enough to know what you mean if you were to say / call / text them something to the effect of "I'm bringing Kate with me" or "tell Kate she needs to leave" 

"Lit" never really caught on here in any other meaning aside from "hype" or "dope" of the mid 90s i.e. "that shit was lit" = "that party was exceedingly raucous" 

^Satanists, one and all with their implicit pentagram formation, gyrations, spandex, freebase, and diet pills.

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Nov 8 '18
Ah, that makes sense. I am not jiggy with it anymore. Also, why did you have to go and remind me fly girls once existed?  I choose to remember Handyman and Fire Marshall Bill.
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AK Nov 8 '18
The very name "Fly girls" is a nod to Beelzebub, the hypest.
Gypsiegirl920 Nov 8 '18
i am non white and i would never embrace christianity again because of the slave history and i have been a part of every other religion and that god never did nothing i really needed him to do,I'm also a woman and no ,white men are not smarter than blacks or women its in the DNA.all my family went to the best schools and some are 1 percenters,so thats un true.some people just are to full of fear to be un brainwashed and its silly to say all about anything......if white people were slaves and roles reverse 80% of satanist would be black.its all in the fear and brain washing only some got out ,sad to say......
AK Nov 8 '18
'not sure which is the bigger brush to painting with "non white" or "white"... 

Do you mean to say that in your world-view the Irish, Swedish, Danish, Scottish, English, German, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian are just part of one big happy family whose cultural distinctions and historical rivalries aren't even worth noting? 

Or do you mean "Americans"? If so, are you not an American yourself? And if you are, then what is the problem? America, like every other country on the planet today, has a history of slavery. Some would argue that it has never gone away. These people have a strong case: maybe it's not chattel slavery, but indentured servitude is still a thing (it's not as if student loan debt can be discharged in bankruptcy

Slavery is a fact of human existence. That you can't see it from your back yard means nothing. The only reason the "blacks" were the last to win their freedoms was because African nations were the last to stop participating in the trade - and it was a trade as it has been since the dawn of civilization.

There were many, many Romans who owned white slaves. It was not a race thing at all. It was, as it remains today, a class thing. Constantine and the rise of Christianity only improved the lots of slaves, but neither did anything to outlaw slavery itself. There is nothing in scripture - neither Judaic, Christian, or Islamic - that forbids the notion of people-as-property outright. Rather, they offer advice on how to treat slaves properly. Slavery is otherwise condoned. One would think that the "black" people would be most apt to have a problem with this, and not vice versa as you've suggested.

Additionally, in the Ottoman Empire, Caucasian slaves were banned only at around the same time slavery itself was abolished in the US. So if you think for one moment that slavery is a thing unique to the US and "white people" - that we're "monsters" for ever having considered such a thing, your view of history is fuzzy-at-best. 

What you're saying is that we're all just "white" -  a convenient and faceless enemy - the "majority" and because of that "non-whites" get to take some sort of moral high ground on account being a "minority" and to be protect solely on account of their having genetic features that not only cannot possibly be "earned", but they also lack(?) As if to say "don't look at me - my eyes aren't blue!" 

What sort of shit-thinking is this? That your merit as a person stems from things about you you cannot control, but only if these things are sufficient to designate you as a "minority" with respect to which ever arbitrary physical feature you decide is relevant. In your case "skin tone" or "complexion". 

That's your criteria? 

Never mind a person's ability to solve problems, articulate, adapt to their environment - nope! It's their "non-whiteness" that matters.

Kick rocks with that noise.

I, for one, wonder how far being a non-white gets a Japanese man living in Mexico.

What do you mean by non-white? Are you Haitian? Japanese? Sudanese? Mongolian? Korean? Laotian? Spanish? Puerto Rican? Mexican? Algonquin? Do you, by virtue of not-being-white, share a common heritage and interest with all of the above? 

And ya' know, I do not doubt that your family probably went to the best schools and some may be 1 percenters, but your atrocious writing style make a strong case for that being anything but genetic.

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Chiron Nov 9 '18
Impressive post but it is wasted on the idiot you are talking to.
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AK Nov 9 '18
Thank you. I suspected as much, but I suppose if it makes sense to someone, it's not a total loss.
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