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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Nov 6 '18
My mom was one of the people who thought they remembered. In fact I remember her screaming when he was being released, "He died in the 80's". Or maybe that is a false memory as well.

But as a stoner, my mind takes it to Slater in Dazed and Confused like places.

Like my opening line for this thread:

If backwards time travel was possible, and not in violation of EVERYTHING, we would already be experiencing the effects... I mean, unless determinism is bullshit, in which case ignore this thread. 

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AK Nov 7 '18
I tend to lean toward a purely probabilistic and indeterministic assessment of "the universe" - and I say this because not only is it that it may be impracticable to factor-in all the variables necessary to feed a deterministic model, but also and particularly that the variables necessary to do so are not instantiated at the time of inquiry; and they won't be until the exact instant prior to the event.

In simpler terms: not only do we often lack the capacity to process every variable involved in calculating a deterministic outcome, but also that some of the relevant variables remain undefined up until the moment prior to the outcome.

Not to mention that in a purely deterministic system there is no personal accountability for anything. This leads to something far more contemptible than Nihilism: Quietism. So even if determinism is the truth of things (and may well be for all I or anyone else can prove) pragmatism affords the discarding of impracticable truths in favor of outcome. Objectively the universe may be deterministic, but from a  phenomenological perspective it makes no sense to treat it that way.

To your original point: if time travel is possible, we'd be none-the-wiser. I, personally, hypothesize that we do exist outside of time - we just lack the processing power to cope with reality on these terms. Similar to how single-celled organisms simply sense light and dark. The eyes and visual cortex took a very, very, very long time to get where they are today. Some species simply never had the need to evolve them. The world as experienced is symbol - at best - of what is necessary to perceive. It is possible we exist in eternity (outside of time) but it's simpler and more efficient to process the corporeal this way. 

It - what is perceived - is an "illusion", but in the sense that the folders on your desktop are an illusion. Symbolic representations of an incomprehensible process designed with expedience of experience in mind. (i.e. it takes a lot of assembler to copy a file to a folder... who has time to memorize that - and that's still two levels of abstraction ABOVE what is actually taking place at the hardware level)

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