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Dpryde Dec 6 '18
I saw this during the Oakland raiders game on December second, and it got me to thinking about how often hell is portrayed on tv and media in general, in movies books even video games.Whats your opinions on this and why do you think hell is used in media so often? Also why is it referenced as much or more than heaven is in movies etc.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 6 '18
It was an apt descriptor. The fire in Butte county was far worse than the santa ana driven fire that threatened the little boxes on the hillsides of Tarzana and Calabasas.

The fire in question swept through Paradise in less than an hour, and at points was moving a football field a minute. A figure of speech was used for emphasis.

That was hell on earth.

Post-Katrina was hell on earth.

9/11 was hell on earth.

Las Vegas was hell on earth.

Hell becomes a synonym for everything that is 'hellish', even horrible freeway pileups. 

Mundane things like rush hour can also qualify. But that is a whole language etymology thing. 

#Strong hashtag are the representation of heaven, though not explicitly said. Aftermath togetherness, hope, and all things that counter-balance 'hell', even trendy twitterverse reactions, are defacto heaven. 

It can also be things that are pleasurable.

"This double chocolate cherry cheescake is fucking heavenly."

But quite simply: Hell leads off the news and heaven is the fluffy heartstring shit at the end. 

There be duality to reinforce, you know.

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