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Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Sep 18 '14
So, where my foodies at? 

It's the oldest artform, the cornerstone of culture, the passion of the fat: Food.

I'm a cook at a Cajun restaurant/tea shop, I know Zach is a sushi chef, but who all else in here loves food?

Post recipes, talk about dishes you want to try, restaurants you love, cooking equipment you want. 

Come on, folks, let's get hungry, then fat - in that order. 

JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Sep 19 '14
The wife is a food fanatic. She watches cooking shows almost every evening. I am happily along for the ride, and agreed long ago that in exchange for delicious nightly meals I would handle the dishes!
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Sep 19 '14
Mmm food. Although I don't really eat much, I love food. So when I do, I like it to be awesome and amazing. Over the past couple years, Wicked and I have tried many recipes convinced that at some point we are going to through them all into a book that we can work with all the time. 

We are both pretty good cooks. Though, I must admit, he has more patience and talent with cooking more than I. I'm more of a baker and decorator. After taking classes for it a few years back, it's proven to be a pretty invaluable skill. Especially with kids that still like that kind of stuff. Saves a lot of money.

Perhaps, Zach can make this an actual category in the forums? Recipes and restaurants and all that?

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Sep 19 '14
Haha, we could add a Satanic Cookbook to the Library as it's own thread.
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Orgasmic Karmatic. Sep 19 '14
I think that this should happen at some point. :)
JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Sep 20 '14
I suggested a "Lifestyles" section a while back, but at the risk of the forums becoming over-segregated, such topics probably fall under the "General Discussion" header nicely enough.
JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Sep 20 '14
So lets hear the favorite recipes, food options, and food adventure stories.

Once upon a time, I was in New Orleans on vacation. I drank everclear margaritas ALL day than smashed a giant plate of raw oysters for dinner. DEADLY COMBINATION. What resulted was a trip to the Biloxi emergency room at 3AM with things violently coming "from both ends".

It was an educational experience, to say the least!

johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Sep 26 '14
Oh man, why didn't I see this thread earlier? I LOVE cooking. Wish I had more time. My wife's taken over cooking duties (mostly) and she hates it.

I like making slow cooked stews. The idea of tossing a bunch of ingredients together, and then coming back 8 hours later to see what your ingredients wrought, is just exciting to me. I like experimenting with slight variations here and there, and seeing what happens. Slow cooking brings out the flavor of even the tiniest ingredient, so any small changes matter.

I also like making steaks. I've been told my steaks are boss. Not much to do here though. Marinate it, season, and toss it on the grill. A monkey could do it. I like my steaks rare.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Sep 26 '14
I don't know how to cook,  but you are tempting  me to unveil my top  kitchen secrets "JUST SCRAMBLE EGGS" .
JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Sep 27 '14
I second the Mediterranean food vibe. Complex flavors!

The local Lebanese restaurant here in Saint Louis is to die for.

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Sep 27 '14
So, my restaurant just had a test dinner, showing off our new dinner menu for our best customers in advance of actually extending our hours and going live with our new menu. And man, one dish that I saw a bunch of people order was just so utterly amazing, I had to share: Catfish Marigny. 

A bed of jambalaya, with a fried catfish filet on top, the whole thing smothered in crawfish etouffe, served with toasted french bread. Oh my fucking hells, this thing was beautiful. I wash I had taken a pic. 

Other additions to the menu included appetizers, such as hummus, topped with fresh olive salad, and sprinkled with feta and sun dried tomatoes, served with pita slices; hot corn maque choux, a cheesy, spicy corn dip, served with lime tortilla chips; and boudin sausage balls, deep fried to a golden crisp, and served with house-made remoulade. We also added bread pudding, with bread soaked overnight in a a thick, sweet cream custard base, and baked until crisp on the outside, and ooey-gooey creamy on the inside, topped with sweet bourbon sauce, to add a little bit of sweetness, and one helluva kick. (Seriously, you prolly don't wanna drive after eating this).

I just fucking ate and I made myself hungry there. 

Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Oct 2 '14
Heh, I prolly got ya beat, buddy.
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