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Anna Dec 17 '18
Tell me. When does self-promotion become attention whoring? Is there a difference between the two? Are you a fan of modesty or are you screaming from the rooftops "Hey people! Over here! Look at me! Look at me!" Does bragging bother you? Discuss...
Albert Resigned
Albert Dec 17 '18
Can somebody write a whole thread about me please? 
AK Dec 17 '18
Where Self-promotion and attention-whoring(seeking?) over-lap, they are differentiated by namely by intent and perception. Attention-whoring, however, need not limit itself to one's attributes, qualities, or accomplishments as is the case with self promotion. Attention-whoring can include circumstances, either dramatic or extraordinary, beyond one's control as well as displays, tantrums, and emotional outbursts. 

I'm neither fan of modesty nor the screaming from the roof-tops types. I do, however, have a certain appreciation for subterfuge and for those who, like myself, "may be an extravagant boaster, while slyly laughing both at the object of his boast and at himself for making it."

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 17 '18
Self Promotion becomes attention craving when no one cares about what the person promotes. Some want to legitimately self-promote, but most just need some childish validation. Orphans are prone to this.

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