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JenniferLuxure Dec 23 '18
Hi. I was told this was the go to spot for makeup tips.. I am endlessly searching for a specific tip regarding the brand of waterproof mascara them girlies wear on them puke bj videos you see on pournhub and xhampster also Pinterest. Asking for a friend. ( And by friend I mean grandma)

Thanks y'all!!

Too blessed to be stressed.

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AK Dec 23 '18
I use a brand called "Better Than Sex", personally. I can't say enough about it. It's a bit pricey, but Grandmas are always worth it.
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JenniferLuxure Dec 30 '18
Grandma's ARE always worth it for sure.. unless they have a methamphetamine problem that is seriously harming the entire neighborhood. In that case, they get wet n wild mascara from family dollar. Where if you are lucky to find any mascara, chances are it will be a shade of brown.. not black.
Pusher Mod
Pusher Dec 30 '18

All righty! WTF happened! No seriously why can't I figure this out. Is it a sexual thing or am I just that fucking old. Yes I am old. How old? Put it this way. I got drunk and fucked some monkeys and now.... here you all are. 

You thing that 400 lbs hairy sweaty native American you poked in the port-a-potty at Morbid Angel was hard to explain to your bros...

Poke-a-haunt-us  HAHA! I am so funny. I miss this place .

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Can you send me some pics of your asshole?
AK Jan 7
It's swollen and camera shy.
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