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Damien Christian Browne

I am a middle-aged man who joined this network to learn from others and hopefully meet some other people with common interests.

I don't consider myself a true Satanist (as in Church member) or Luciferian but rather more like a "demonologist"and student of the occult (Dr Doom is my avater as he is the closest to me in personality and outlook on life, in other words, a power hungry megalomaniac with a deeply ingrained sense of honor as well, though a twisted one).

About ten years ago I did actually 'sell my soul" (non-ritual), and actually have a  family history of the occult and Satanism(dear mother).

I have recently decided to undertake the spiritual side of my advancement once more, and have found the right guide hopefully, however, I thought it best to see what I could learn from a community such as this as well.

So hello, and I hope all is well?

And lastly, am I the only one here from Canada?


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