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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 5
Are you  tired of seeing the  same dozen videos being featured on the front page? I am to. Link a video or embed it here and I will rotate them. Unlikely I will feature any music videos. The more relevant it is to Satanism, the higher likelihood I will feature it.  
Dark Enlightenment
I want some blatant homo-eroticism and Keith Richards mutilating a therman type thing with my Satan. How about Invocation To My Demon Brother?

But seriously Anger had a fucked up, "I think I am in a K-Hole filled with man whores" dissociative style.

*** And while on the homo subject.... ***

An avatar to one of my sock accounts was changed to gay porn. The site owner has let me know it was on their end.  


Mystery avatar changer, can you please be direct? 

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Dark Enlightenment
Well it is the logical intuition, but there is still a little ambiguity. 

But congratulations on being the first person to be even semi-direct. 

Dark Enlightenment
Guess I am too materialistic. 

But at least it is A:.A:. and not A A. Thank you for not carrying your message out into the world, I mean except for yourselves. 

All shit is mine.  And I have talked a lot of it. 

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Dark Enlightenment
That whole part of thought, lets call it the "Yaqui vision quest" mind, or the tendency to look at unknowns like guides of specious 'synchronicity' and act on them, I can't do. 

I can only do it if the specious shit I believe is somehow confrontational to something real. But that is more a cold war stand off/poker mentality. But then it's not the belief but what that is used for.

Dreams, things you think you see, the pieces you think fit together all have several other ways of fitting together.  I will never assume intuition trumps ambiguity. I am more likely to choose a path that brings satisfaction by destroying all possibility in protest of the Yaqui vision quest mindset, and anything that could have come from that.

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 11
Okay so no video suggestions related to Satanism? Things that are somewhat related in a certain perspective or a certain abstract or content do not count.
Pusher Mod
Pusher Jan 17
Zach post that Scent of a Woman scene. After that post one of these... please,

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Feb 16
Hmm .. no input eh? If you guys have suggestions for the featured video and featured blog put them here. For the blog I mean blogs generated from this network. You can blog about another's blog here if you want. 
T.Volt Feb 17
Anything from A Clockwork Orange
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