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Deadguy1349 Jan 29
Sup fellow Satanists. Just wanted to stop the intro forum and say hi, let others around the Salem and Portland Oregon area I'm looking to network a bit.

Anyway I'm here to meet people who are on the same path as I am, and or at the least someone cool to hang out with. I'm trying to organize a few people around the Salem Oregon area to help with some subversion tactics against these self serving Christians and their need to push an agenda. So hit me up if you're down or even if you're just as bored as I am and want someone to drink or get stoned with.

More of an adversal  Satanist than a spiritual one, been into the philosophy since I was a teenager, but im finally starting to realise I our strength as a community is important, so I decided to try and organize or at the least just say hi. 

Anyway feel free to message me if you are interested in what I have to say or just to say hi. So ill be lurking around the next few days trying to get a feel for the site. Thanks for having me. 

Deadguy1349 Jan 30
Lol... I used to think that too when I was into shooting speed and herion... My thought being that it didn't break down with water so it was pointless... leave it for the hippies. But in my older age I value its use as a antidepressant and how cheap it is to get now that it's legal. Thanks for letting me know that while my weed use makes me a pussy....I'm approved to drink beer and still be able to hang out with the cool kids.
Deadguy1349 Jan 31
K well that's cool. Obviously you're entitled to your opinions. You don't like weed I do... Its a non issue. Doesn't bother me. Far as the TST my issue is they're watering down Satanism by trying to preach peace and an all inclusive brand of Satanism. In my opinion trying to gain numbers in their crew. I just disagree, I don't think letting everyone in just to have more is the way to go. Not gonna go into my ideas cause obviously you don't agree that religion is the problem. That's fine too. I just think that quality is better than quantity so to speak. I don't want or care to have a bunch of people with me... Could give a fuck less if anyone agrees with me. I'd rather have very few solid people I can count on... Than thousands who'll just cave and run and rat on you if shit gets hairy. Maybe my hatred of Christianity isn't everyone's thing... But it's mine and that's just that. You say that's not Satanic... But i disagree.
Deadguy1349 Feb 4
You're right AK need to narrow the scope of my project. Putting it on my list of shit to do right now. 

When I say organize I didn't nessarrly mean having big numbers... I'd rather have a few solid people to count on, than a hundred that have no skills and when it comes down to it, would run away and go tell on each other.

I wasn't thinking about trying to force the Christians out, terrorism used on them tends to backfire and make them band together as they are more confident that there is some type of evil lurking that they need God to protect them from. Burning churches, a great time on any occasion, doesn't work.

While I can agree I won't see the end of Christians using fire and brimstone to control the  masses, my plan works using subversion and as far as I'm concerned every little bit helps. Waiting around for someone else to do something hasnt worked yet, so my pet project is my way of making a difference. Not to concerned if anyone agrees with me as I am concerned with the fact that no one else I know is doing anything so I guess it's up to me.

Still love drugs of all kinds. Some are more fun than others, but the way I see it as long as I'm doing them and not them doing me. Alcohol is definitely my least favorite, but I drink beer a few times a week. Smoke weed most every day with my other friends. Speed or smack very rarely since I don't like tweeking and I've overdosed a few times on heroin. Love acid on occasion, but I always take too much and swear it off for a while.  I'd be interested in other hallucinogens, mescaline, peyote, dmt if I could get them.  Don't really mess around with pills, synthetics or other designer drugs sincethey can all pretty unpredictable. If I'm gonna eat someone's face off I'd rather be sober enough to enjoy it. 

Anyway thanks for the detailed response and advice  Have a great day. .

Satanic Pioneer
It seemed at first sight a deep forest, largely covered with trees and undergrowth. That time, the axes glance off the tree, the wood was so hard to cut. At blazing night break passed down to here by dark spirit oddly making non-stop tracks through wild country shaping ear of horn, calling the tridents of fire. Satanically, it was metallic sound that grabbed my hands in the dark, i found myself shoved inside the dark room open handed with heavy metallic. There, i waved high and deep till the path got checked, till it got found.
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