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Dark Enlightenment
Can you move through an idea or concept without any concrete validation?

It does not matter the idea if there a hint of specious logic involved. 

Consider this the baseline definition:

"the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events."

I like this /\ definition because it defers to the senses. 

I can't draw the universe back before the planck epoch (singularity). There are several plausible (by my infantile human standards) explanations for this. I can sift through theoretical physics Wikipedia's and settle on some bullshit I can only parrot and like best.

Still, when I consider that prequel to the universe it a hazy mesh of not enough information.

In the CERN research they proved the existence of the Higgs-Boson (mass giving god particle) was empirically valid but still didn't answer why there was a massive conversion to kinetic energy, as there were no particle accelerators 13.5 billion years ago.  


It's a good place-holder, but certainly not a grounds for a Joan of Arc like conviction.

Agnosticism has been unfairly indoctrinated as "Christian lite" when it's every bit 'anti-theistic' as the scientific mind that demands empirical validation before moving beyond placeholder on an unknown. 

** Sorry I don't contribute anything of value here. 

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Brother Shamus
No one is going to respond because you don't post on facebook or want to truly socialize with anyone. That or no one gives a fuck. 

If only you didn't see people trying to get you to go out as a dastardly plan of some evil girl that wanted to appear by happenstance. 

Did you know he ripped up a free concert ticket to see Slash, Alice in Chains, and a bunch of others just because he was so paranoid he thought someone was trying set up a serendipitous situation?

Fucking paranoid freak, this one.

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