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Traditional Satanists

A group for anyone here that follows Traditional or Spiritual Satanism
Myrmidon17 Mar 26 '19
Hello,my name is Peter(Myrmidon17). I live in Arizona U.S.A. Are there any serious Satanists in the state of Arizona itself, or in any of the surrounding states here in the U.S. or Mexico? I am new to our religion and if there are any of us in my area or within range of travel via car I would be honored to talk and/or meet. Please consider me an ally. Gratitude.

Hail Satan. Naamah
wretched_mayhem19 Jun 25 '19
Hey Peter!

I live in Arizona too! It's nice to see others that are interested in the same things as me. 

What brought you to Satanism? What area of Arizona do you live? It would be interesting to find like minded like minded individuals out there to talk to :)


Discordia Member
Discordia Aug 30 '19
I’m in Oklahoma, so not *too* far but not exactly neighbors :(
I'm in San diego
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