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well, i figured that it was time for the obligatory 'new guy' post..  so, here goes.

i was born into a catholic family, who always thought me to be an independent thinker.  they did their best to 'raise' me catholic (12 years of private schooling) but their best was just enough to make me question the whole catholic faith in general.  throughout high school, i carried such books as the necronmicon and st. lavey's bible..  much to the dismay of some of my teachers.  my defense in the matter, they could teach what they liked.. but i was also free to learn other things.

i have never been a 'practicing' satanist, although i do feel their version of the 'ten commandments' to be superior.  in that same breath, i don't really ever consider myself to have been a 'practicing catholic', because i read through that bullshit at a young age.  i believe in nothing at this point, because nothing has shown itself to be worth belief, yet.

i'm here to learn from others, learn from myself, and maybe make a few new friends in the process.  i'm always willing to talk if i'm around (i work 3rd shift, so i'm a night owl) so feel free to drop me a message and say hi.

 - Johnny

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