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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus May 10 '19
I have yet again concluded and come to agree with a weird probably eastern superstition. Sometimes it works like red dead redemption honor points around a middle ground. So if you hogtie and kidnap the nun to leave her on the traintracks you still gotta help some fucker return his lost horse.  Subsequently, all roads lead to some kind of dharma, natural order, or balance of what we do existing as a property of nature.

Nothing like bullshit to make people look to bullshit. And it appears I am no better. Now I am using fucking Hopi words.

Everytime adversity hits I cant help but look at our experience in a similar manner and speculate (without an ability to back it up) that i had to have incurred it through negative honor points. Killed too many nuns and didn't rescue enough horses and now the causal bounty hunters are after my head. 

Maybe faults as an analogy?

In that field pressure build up along faults and releases on a predictable interval.  The balance falls around said interval. An overdue fault like the San Andreas will snap back first with foreshocks then any number of main sequence events and months to years of aftershocks.

The 1980's Philip Glass soundtracked film referenced/Hopi  word deals with being out of balance within nature. And that corrections to this are often times as unpredictable as an earthquake but still based on an aggregate balance around some equilibrium.

The concept being, humans, as part of nature, can knock shit way the fuck out of balance.  The result being something like westernized karma.

Is there any reason why balance through adversity would be a driving part of nature, No. But I can't help but think this disaster property is very real part of this world, especially when it smacks my ass.  Or I go out of my way to see how many negative points I can accumulate. 

Lets see how long it holds this time.  
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DjiNN May 13 '19
You must hold a doctorate in drivel.

I am trying to ascertain if you compose this codswallop in an advanced state of inebriation, have neglected to ingest your daily dose of caplets OR overdosed on a combination of both!
Either way I strongly advise that you don't quit your day job.

Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus May 13 '19
Hey, if people can think there are dark forces to carry their will and god to grace either good or bad luck, I can for a moment speculate I build up a buffer based on the beneficial or detrimental nature of my actions.

And of course it's drivel. It is the essence of. It is speculating on a superstition that something like karma exists. It is silly too. Does saving a prostitute cosmically counter killing a nun with a train? I chose to spend 350 words or less sharing it. 

Is there anything you would like to say about my drivel or are you still asshurt you the other thread?

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams May 14 '19

 I dont think it's necessarily  the modern idea of morality that we are seeing play out " I did shit thing now shit thing is done to me" first we have brains that look for patterns,  patterns and memory are how we learn and keep from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. If we have done some shameful embarrassing stupid thing that may or may not be knocking around in our mind then we will notice  it happening more readily. Like when you buy a new car they all of sudden you notice everyone now has the same car as you. When the average person feels guilty they tend to find some kind of relief in punishment. So the dots are easy to connect.  

    The balance of nature I agree with.  There is no good or evil just polarity.  This theory is not mine so I need to do more research but as of right now I agree.

Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus May 14 '19
This is: How do I incorporate this balance superstition without a duality, but use spectrum and polarity instead. I settled on "what your actions cause"... If one's actions cause more undue harm (even if you had the best of jesus-made intentions) than benefit you increase risk of the natural flow of events correcting it for you.  The harm/benefit would be, "you caused this detriment to the environment, that's -100." 

It's not something I am willing to raise above "silly superstition", but I think this is the thing seen as Karma, in the half witted John Lennon way.   I wonder if he realized he would shine on as a wife-beating hypocrite... and then get killed by the CIA.

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams May 15 '19
We had some very simple ways for addressing this issue, it was called a gift for a gift. If somone would do something nice for you like help them in a time of need or give a nice gift it was an unspoken rule that you owed the person the same kindness in returen. This was why older people you would find didnt always accept help from strangers, becuase they didn know the price of return. This is all so easy. If i get a wind fall of money will shar it with my friend that gave me gas money when i was in need. Or i might donate it my favoret youtuber. This is a small scale example but can be applied to larger scale issues. This can also be applied to Anton Levey's love thos how love you and destroy those who would destroy you.  If you live in a commuity of people who live by this rule and your nice you receive nice things if your an ass hat you receive ass hat type returns. But like jeti jane said in my blog post comment, everyone is creating there own good or bad and we can be swept up in someone elses bad luck. Bad and painful things will happen for no reason and no purpose if only to learn. its just the way it is here in this world of liitation. I say prepare the best you can make good  allies and be strong, none of us are getting out of this alive. 
Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus May 15 '19
I gotta be honest, I am not really thinking how this lines up with conventional or even unconventional Satanism, apart from hanging a bell on its baseless application of superstition, something I consider resoundingly contrary to the form.  

The Satanic Bible has this same disconnect. The last half is space-filling contradictions. It seems like the most devilish thing begat from his dealings with Avon.  After 70 pages of down to earth real opinions you have it spiral into a total contradiction.  For the "atheist", ritual is made into something like D&D Larping. There may be some commonality there. 

I feel a post like this is firmly on that magical agnostic fence between reality and "you never know".  

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams May 16 '19
Perhaps I misunderstood your conundrum.  I thought we were separating the the superstition of karma from everyday cause and effect. What I wrote above was a in real life application of the before mentioned "superstition " with absolutely no belief in superstition required for utilization. Superstition and duality are not required to understand and implement cause and effect. These are factual functional practices that exist outside belief or not.  

Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus May 16 '19
It is not so much a conundrum as me calling myself out. As a person who blasts the "god delusions" this world has it is contradictory to hold a position that a balance can exist, let alone a cumulative karma.  Yet to quote Pepper Keenen, "What's deserved always gettin' served".

I speculate this is just because we have observed a scatter plot of events and drew a line down the middle of it.  Balance as defect of observation. 

Even still, it seems if you forcefully push that scatter plot of of even a subjective "good" and "evil" to one side, it finds a way to recover to the parameters you specified.  You can make your own karma morality spectrum. Not innate.

As a "sinister" example.

Suppose "Initiate A" firmly believe in value to an Aryan code of honor.  And suppose this person tries to live this code. Then suppose this groups sinister plot to "instill pride in white culture while scapegoating bitchy muslims and welfare niggers, while espousing how 1950's White America was the purest version of the country".  Then suppose the federal government didn't agree, and set up a domestic terrorism sting.

 Initiate A gets made g-bitch. After 5 minutes his honor flies out the window and he sings like a canary.  He then is tasked with playing snitch-a-bitch.  Even though he couldn't hold, because he set a range of honor for his actions he now lives that as his balance.  Every rat bitch thing he does gets him closer to this inevitable outcome for his dishonor. 

Here is what the mexicans do when that "balances" out.

In the end i cant move it past a grand illusion of things we do, outcomes, and what we choose to recognize as significant. 

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams May 17 '19
Okay, I think I am following you, or I am trying.  You oppose the idea of god,  so you wonder how this karma exists and why you subscribe to it if no god exists. Somtimes man things  just are what they are, the sun rises the plant turns.  you understand things as you do that's  cool you dont have to give it to a God  . All the people have seen these things exist and they just gave it there own meaning you can to :)
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