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Obscura Jun 8
James Lovelock long ago, one of the most revered biologists, and greatest thinkers of our time, came up with the theory the Gaia Hypothesis, that the earth is a living organism with geology, atmospheric science, and all life forms composing the humus, as it were, the organs, and it is agreed upon in science now the Earth is conscious.  Quantum physics has proven that matter, from concrete to dark matter, inherently has consciousness.  So ancient man, seeing only the earth, worshiped earth.  And as all things have consciousness (well, debatable for many hairless monkeys) what does that mean for theism and atheism?  Why quibble with gods and no god when we become soil and worm food?  Do we become energy in the cosmos as our electricity transforms matter? From dust to dust.  Nothing is sure in life except death and taxes.  Maybe some sex if you're lucky.  So as Gaia is our closest conception to God, or perhaps the Black hole at the heart of the milky way, what place is the master's role in all this?  No gods?  Servants and pawns to some sort of politician or Gaddafi?  A jape?
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