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Dark Enlightenment

If our universe continuously branches off based on the events within that universe; then to a "god-like" superdimensional observer trying to pin down a single universe based on their snapshot view of it is like man trying to pin down the location of a subatomic particle.

Dimensions 0 - 10 + 1 

0: a point in space
1: a line 
2: a plane
3: a cube
4: Trajectory (Time)
5: A world of "tangent" reality.
6: A plane of parallel universes and variations with same starting conditions (Big Bang)
7: A plane of parallel universes and variations with different possible initial conditions. 
8: An infinity of all possible universes with all possible initial conditions
9. An infinity of all possible universes, conditions, and laws of physics. 
10. Everything has been covered. The totality of all.

11. The brane/bulk to which the "ultimate infinity"  is attached to by one dimensional strings.

I didn't make that up. That is what each dimension represents in String/M Theory. It is a descriptive example of how these higher dimensions are compactified on top of our own. What the strings are "vibrating through".

Compactification is a matter of perspective. The ant on the mobius strip travels along a 2D path in 3 dimensions. If you consider the ant on the strip as 2 dimensional. It has no conception of the third dimension it's moving in.

That same concept.

As humans we are limited to 3 dimensional awareness. Though we can plot our retrospective trajectory to the present we can still only experience a single point in our 4 dimensional trajectory at any one time.

Beyond "the present" is the course your current trajectory will take you should you stay course unchanged.

That is the space/time continuum.

In this article:

The following is said for dimension 5:

If we could see on through to the fifth dimension, we would see a world slightly different from our own that would give us a means of measuring the similarity and differences between our world and other possible ones.

Too bad we are limited to 3 dimensional representations of our world.

What if that can also say: "In one world the photon travels through this slit and hits [HERE] and in that world the photon traveled through that slit and hits [THERE]. Of course you can only see one outcome per photon...

Though the focus in dimension 5 is on a world different than our own, this can be thought of as a way of illustrating antecedence in wave collapse.

NOT FAIR! You Changed The Outcome By Measuring It!

The double slit experiment proves particles exist as a wave until observation at which point they become plotted particles.

Is the wave pattern on the wall evidence of 5th dimensional "worlds slightly different than our own"? It does seem like a working way to see the possible alternative outcomes.

Swap photons for yourself. If the 5th dimension is represented by a world slightly different than our own, then the "wave pattern" to our experience represents the range of outcomes from any 3D snapshot we take.  You find subatomic-like uncertainty in a universe where everything that happens splits off continuously and is already somewhere else when you try to view it. 

Consider yourself walking towards stairs. At the bottom you decide to jog up it. At that point there is a 5 dimensional split off the world where you sat on step 2 and smoked a joint. Just because you can only experience one does not rule out the others existing. This is also called the "Many Worlds Interpretations".

My "thinking" on this is: Everything may experience the dimensions similarly. The particles existing as a wave unobserved may be akin to our indeterminate futures existing as possible outcomes. Taking the 3 dimensional snapshot of the 4 dimensional trajectory collapsing from a probability wave that follows 5 dimensional probability.

We can only perceive a wave because, as said, our "snap shots" are limited to 3 dimensional awareness. 

After that it becomes irrelevant to everyone reading this. 


• This also would mean that you could only go backwards with time travel.  And then live it out again. With the uncertainty in predicting our position in space/time, it would be impossible for a time traveller to follow that same path again with their knowledge of the situation. 

And although this all sounds like stoned trolling, this is a theory for a way to relate quantum mechanics to our standard model lives, and may also be utter pseudoscientific nonsense, which would fit my posting history in this regard.   Anyway, I will now title this "Superpositional Unification Theory", unless its already named something else or that name already exists. 

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