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Dark Enlightenment
Simple question.

What is more important in life, love or money? 

Are there sociopathic caveats?

In my view money equates to sex which is ultimate is the "goal" of any relationship, at least at the outset.  One covers both.

My reason for this is: Every problem in my life would be fixed with money. Promiscuity and cocaine can cover the rest. 

Ain't it funny how fast that money rights your brain.

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Dark Enlightenment
Ok, where can I acquire said skillz, and do these skillz resolve financial debt obligation?
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Dark Enlightenment

Equating love to passion seems like Anton and his semantic definition of religion with toy trains.  Sure it fits the criteria, but there is an "essence of" caveat in there, at least to most of society, that warps where everything lands.

While I would consider a rapists passion for raping a "love of raping", and possibly "love of violent dominance" or "love of control", most would scoff at the very idea of love qualifying as anything "evil".   

There is a tendency of most to lump "godly" things with love along preconditioned lines.  

I like to think love can be perfectly epitomized by the conclusion of THIS  delightfully amoral movie.

Love only beats the demon after they kill Heroin Downey Jr, and ESCAPE to a quiet life... unless they get bored and reinvigorate their love of killing people once again. 

Do you see an inherent duality with love and all mentioned contextually equivocal terms? 

Or is it as amoral as a natural born killer? 


*** My reasoning is: there is a concept of "greater good" (read as greater benefit) promoted within all civilized societies, which often times gets corrupted by morality, and leads to an artificial sense of nobility in some form of service to that greater good, however they define it. 

You see it with enlisted personnel. They are seriously doing it for their lord and country to protect that white christian rhetoric, or saying stupid redneck shit like, "Yeehaw, we are going to send Hillary to GITMO". 

That is the retardery that guarded Camp Pendleton on election night.  Serving his ideals and stupid republican convictions. And it's not a fiscal conservatism thing either, fuck welfare, go states rights, but more that they are all such ignorant retards in lifted trucks with big flags hanging off the back.

Good ol' boys can throw down though...

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Dark Enlightenment

Anyway who cares what most people would scoff at? Most people are idiots. 

I can't do it. Their idiots sculpting a world I interact with.  At one point I just laughed, somehow, something changed all that. And now my antinomianism can go fuck itself when Idiocracy is happening 500 years sooner than it should have.

As much as I would like to be above it all, we elected Dwayne Alisando Mt. Dew Herbert Camancho, and that is more sad than funny. It shows a twitter fucked society voting for "Worst Dressed Sentient Being", to use a different reference. 

Sadly, not one of those folk glad Killery lost could answer my goddamn question why 90% of economists were wrong to renounce his fiscal plan... But, "Yeehaw Hilary's going to GITMO!"  

So to your point, I do have a passion, and it has become anything that subverts evangelical christianity, Fox News (Trump's policy maker), and all those sickening "soldier with rifle kneeling by a cross silhouettes", of course by the jesus fish, and assorted anti-abortion stickers. 

I often want to get their attention and say:

"Hey, you know you are not serving and fighting for God, right? Lord tell ya to pack an M-4?" 

It is like the push of the far right is for some type of Christian Sharia Law. I guess the second amendment blinds them to the first.

And I have a fucking love or passion for helping dismantle that and doing everything to make "them" uncomfortable in the process. Fuck the 50's. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Yeah, I used to say that too.  

Seems silly considering I really do care.  I am sorry it's not sinister window dressing white nationalism bullshit, but the thing in society I don't like is backwater dated values taken outside the backwater dated household.  Fly that rebel flag, drink that moonshine, and pop those oxycontin pills for all I give a fuck.  (Those are all statistic backed valid assertions). It's the God Is Not Dead shit I can't abide. That shit gets spurred on by the many giant auditorium video-link sermons and the growing number of obscene mega-churches, depicting their sick little militancy in selected artwork. And subsequently breeding close-minded christian jihadists to covert as many people as possible. 

This was the bulk of what elected Macho Camancho. 

They can even protest Planned Parenthood all you want, but do you need to slash the OBGYN's tires?

There is a militancy within one side of this bicameral fuckfest that I cant help but fighting for my own personal satisfaction.

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Dark Enlightenment
I never said it had to be something that is prudent to do.

You can say I bought into it, I fucking love it.  

I dont like private media, vice presidents who put God above service to the country (there is a difference) and all the other shit sculpting the agenda of my country's president, and all those who like that push back to the 50's.

And when did satanism become Generation X and you can only like the president if its ironic or some other apathetic or cynical reason? Despite it really is some sort of poetry, somewhere. 

I get it, yes the liberal melted down, and I just shook my head in amazement. I didn't vote, because I live in California, but it still confounded me.

  I personally do not buy this "you cant care about politics with your satanism" bullshit, but that is just me.

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Dark Enlightenment
Answer 1:

If there is a will there are several ways to endlessly discuss the semantics of something completely lost on the largest portion of society...  I mean my version. Fuck all of yours.  The one where your take a stand on every little thing and attempt to endlessly martyr yourself.... but at least I tired.

Answer A:

Satan is a literary character born in first Hebrew parable. (And please spare me the Typhon, Set, Whoever the fuck Azura Mazda faught, shit.) Satan as applies to satan(ism) is ripped right from the Bible itself. 

That "satanicness" is illustrated by the prideful self-immolation of Lucifer. He stole fire and brought it to the people on principle!

Reference aside that is what is at the heart of everything.  Today, it may be a wandering set personally defined ethics sometimes contrasting with its environment, most of the time going unnoticed unless specifically noted.  There are tons of ancillary facets making up how one expresses the "prideful self-immolation". Usually, situational and always due to a personal indignation. And as much as it escapes my need for my own "wall/head banging" lex talionis infinitum, there will come a point where that ends, and I can be all zen about shit... even the rise in jihadist evangelism. 

For the Dark Lord Sayeth:

The trajectory of Satanism, however brash, confrontational, sacrosanct, or vengeful it begins, will always end up sitting under a tree with  śūnyatā, yogachara, vijñaptimātra, a la Madhyamaka.

 That is based on my own observation anyway.

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Anna Aug 9
The dictionary gives a current meaning of a word. If you're lucky, you will also be given some history and the origin of the word. All personal interpretations aside, the original meaning of Satan is simply the adversary of God's people. Later on, he becomes a man of sin, the one who leads to temptation, rejection of God's commandments, embracing the corporeal instead of gnosis. That's the Bible, the original source from which Satan came. Equating the ancient chtonic gods to Satan is a mistake IMO. Satan is strictly a biblical character. However, throughout history the meaning of the word evolved. Milton made him into some sort of a heroic rebel. With the advent of Gothic literature and later horror movies, Satan came to represent what AK wrote about.
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