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malwin5 Aug 13 '19

Hello good people of SIN, malwin5 here, and with Absolute Respect untowards The Owner/Administration, Zach Black, for being an honorable person and being true to, The Sacred Tenet of Satanism, which is,

" Do What Thou Wilt ".  I do, and this always works out alrite for all concerned, usually ( ha ha ).

That is humour there, perhaps only in my own opinion.

Now, good people, I am genuinely delighted honored and glad that I am a member here, it's really good to converse with people whom speak their minds and do what they want, plus, I am making new friends and engaging in dynamic debate and discusssion herein, and this is very satisfying and interesting for me, thank you.

Here is a contribution for General Discussion and Debate.  I wish to introduce to the forum, the Concept of Satanic Humanism or Humane Satanism, this is a construct of my own intellect, and I am interested in hearing your views concerning this.  I believe this concept does have great potential regarding positive creation, for 'tis based upon The Concept of The Ethic of The Humane, which does exist.

Please do comment, should anyone, or more, wish to, thank you.

Kind Regards from malwin5, HAIL SATAN.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 13 '19
"Secular humanism" (which is what you mean) is the official religion of the ACLU, who have been promoting it since their inception.  

The "ethic of the humane" can be adopted by the practitioner (of any philosophy) in situational scenarios, but has no explicit bearing on any universal concept of the adversarial.

Great standard for a healthcare worker, or a person whose heart bleeds for all the hurt in this world, creams over fuzzy endings, and weeps at the beauty of sunsets.

You are stuck in the ideals of "college satanism", this can be compared to 1950's youth being sent to De Nang and getting completely warped by snipers and malaria.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 14 '19
If tricking yourself works, and at least that's your mental construct.

Just please don't end up one of those born-again codependent folk that makes bi-weekly trips to go drink coffee and sit in some dank Alano club endlessly talking about how they use to be and how much better it is to sit in some dank Alano club. The world needs less of those sad sad people...

#Enemy of Bill W.

** That seems a powerful thing for most. These ideas of the mind seem to be almost universal. Some just temper it towards thinking positively, but holding any imaginary construct for motivational reasons qualifies. It seems to exist on a sliding scale from ''god did it'' to "everything always works out in the end".  Both are bullshit mantras at the end of the day.  

** I just couldn't imagine ever giving up my drug of choice. That first hit of the day. The initial buzz that gets you partially to that place you know euphoria waits.  Like I should tell my sister, "why not take a little to work with you, it will take away those shakes." Luckily, she has promised me she will never go to AA... 

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malwin5 Aug 14 '19
HAIL .  Thank you for all your commnts, people.  I now have much to think on concerning my learning of being a Real Satanic Person.  Honestly, I think perhaps I should just play my Electric Guitar, and shut the F*** up.


Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 14 '19
What? I thought you were saying you used o'douls (or its mental simulation) as a way to trick your mind into not drinking.  To which I said, "it is a better form of AA".  If you meant something with different subtext, I am at a loss not being privy to your mental process and given the ambiguity of the statement. So I had to guess.. 

And I thought you wanted a segue into a discussion on "the use of abstraction in fucking your own mind". 

*** But now that you mention it that is my substitute for sex. If you really encourage its fake existence,  and commit to it, before you know it you made yourself a whore to do whore things with? 

Is that what you meant? 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 14 '19
Yes, but how could I shit talk people (not you) using my subtext if I go with the obvious answer. You  are stepping on my attempt to provoke a bitch... 
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 14 '19
Idk, it changes too much to keep track of. 

In any case here is my World Food Bucket List:

Fish n' chips in London.
Hot pot in Taipei.
Szechuan frog legs in that province.
Red Curry in Thailand
Vindaloo in India
Jerked Goat in Jamaica
Pho in Vietnam (no tendons)
Street food in S Korea (BBQ grasshopper or fermented tofu)
Whale or Dolphin in Japan
Gumbo made by a Bayou scoville sadist in Louisiana
Steak in Argentina
Rabbit Cacciatori in Italy
Cheese in Switzerland 

Meatballs in Sweden

Waffles in Belgium 
Five Guys in Dubai 
McDonalds in France or Montreal (Pulp Fiction) 
Guinness in Dublin (it's a food)

** Food network really is porn.

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