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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 22 '19
Why Deism Transforms Into Theism Using The Indigenous Civilizations of The Americas.

Contrary to the titling this is not intended as some faggy dissertation.  I am sick of using shit from Europe. Even shit from Asia, well depending on how you look at that.

Something I said (on 600 club) made me think about Indigenous North American tribes and why they differed from their southern brethren. 

Northern tribes like; Inuit, Navajo, whatever the totem pole ones are called, Cherokee, Seminole, Iroquois, Algonquin, and the like all had beliefs centered around harmony with nature.  A shade of deism in which nature and all its animals and spirits are acting as the divine. One of balance and minimizing impact. Nature as god.

As you venture south the same people (essentially) formed great societies, complete with pantheons. Maya, Aztec, Inca, Toltec, like their northern ancestoral kin share remarkably similar, yet brutal (by current standards) beliefs of Animal spirits, and also cutting heads off of people for one reason or another.  The further into the desert you go the more about water that gets.

What about North vs South changes?

There is only one answer in my mind, amount of arable land/usable space and access to resources.

The working Idea here is:

Authoritative gods arise when an area exceeds empathetic limitations (Dunbar's Number) and/or environmental obstacles or geography funnels migration towards limited resources.

In the south you have less grasslands or room for a sparse distribution.  You have a lot of jungle, less clear space, and a shit load more activity geologically.

Like how the first civilizations arose in the "cradle of civilization" because the savanna dried into the Sahara and Arabian Deserts. The need to be near water led to all those civilizations around the Tigres, Euphrates, and Nile river.  Arable land existed in a really really confined area.

In response elaborate beliefs arise when things such as strangers become relevant. A self developed remedy of humans was to create pantheons, guidlines, or do what Hammurabi did. 

Likewise I see a similar, albeit far wetter thing happening in Central and South America.  A different set of reasons like the jungle, along with how the sadistic geography of Central America funneled their migratory advance and gave the world first The Olmec, then The Mayan, and then many other civilizations following suit as they spread into South America. 

** Also worth noting are the several tribes that resisted civilization, usually going into the most inhospitable parts of the rainforest.  Many remaining uncontacted to this day, and protected by law from ever being interfered with. 

The overall crux being, pre-colonial civilizations failed to form in North America because it wasn't necessary and empathetic limitations were never exceeded.

Another boring topic from myself.


** Contextual Definition of civilization - Society structured around a disambiguous ideology and centralized point of population or capital. 

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Jedi_Jane Aug 23 '19
The only difference we need to worry about is that the South American tribes are illegal aliens, and they need to turn around and go back.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 23 '19
You know, you could have just did what the woman at 600 club did and point out an entire civilization in Southern Illinois after 600 CE of 40,000 that completely refutes the north/south thing... unless the idea came back up via trade. 

I had never even heard of that civilization until today.

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Agent Mar 16
What if I am really not saved;what do I do, pray the sinner's prayer again?

Dark Enlightenment

Cute Avatar. 

What is saved?

Abstraction? Someone's idea about something? Anything tangible? 

When someone says they are "not saved" vs "saved" it can be rewritten as;
"Does not hold prerequisite belief of jeebis-save-me bullshit" vs "Holds prerequisite belief of jeebis-save-me bullshit". 

It's non-applicable to most of the world. Work western myth into impermanence for the buddhist. Can't be done. 

But try this one out Matrix Boy, this is my new favorite super-apologetic argument: 

You have no free will in this thread. Your words are meaningless to what you can do regarding your interaction in this thread.

You CAN respond a multitude of ways,  but that is antecedent AND supplemental to the "logic gate" you must walk through. Once your mind, which may as well as well be a computer version of yourself, has decided "respond to post = true" (for whatever reason), it then selects from a WIDE range of things to say. A process of analyzing available data, and like learning software, choosing what is the most appropriate action, as scripted by circumstance.

Ultimately, you really have no other option(s) other than:

"Respond to post = true"

"Resond to post = false" 

Sorta kills any delusions of godly power, but you are afraid of change and unfortunately I can't tell you the future, that is another chain of antecedent programming.

And just because it's programming and we run through logic gates it does not mean we can deviate off our own chain, or magically change another. And we are still a car crash away, moreso if you choose "drive recklessly = true". With so many disconnected things it takes numbers to make any attempt at change impactful. It must first be a part of MANY antecedent chains in the form of "focus ongoing efforts towards changing ______ = true."

That is really apparent lately with shutdowns and quarantine. Today I had a logic gate of, "wait in line to get into Supermarket = True".

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Agent Mar 20
I can't say this prayer again. I am bound by Satan.

You are right, I have no free will in this thread.

Dark Enlightenment
We are all bound by Satan, Agent Dude.  

Even those threading needles of non-anthropomorphic deism. 

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Agent Mar 22
I bet that you did bind me in the name of Satan in order to prevent me from using the name of Jesus in order to get saved.
Dark Enlightenment
No, I really wouldn't . 

Anyone truly bought over by either word as one of significant value is sort of on their own. Might as well have said in the names of Mufasa or Scar. And then you can think about lions too. 

For fun just pretend i meant Satan as "circumstances of varying levels of adversity sometimes compounded by one's own bad decision making or planning."

I personally like describing what I mean by that how the Bad Religion dude desribes "The Generator".

* Keep in mind this requires both reading comprehension and metaphor recognition. 

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Agent Mar 22
You shouldn't but you really would command me to stop using the name of Jesus.
Dark Enlightenment
Well, there might be something to that, but it's incredibly selfish...

Most folk need The Jeebus, like training wheels for adversity. It lets their mind know there is something there to comfort them and guarentee their safety. The Jeebus is for them. 

I would love to be one. To not be revolted. To truly believe my words or beliefs can have an effect all by their lonesome. Alas the opportunities in this world can be destroyed by burnt bridges. And will be turned to ash by ones own incendiary.

Regretfully to that, if one of them Jeebus folk were interrogating me (like your avatar should be) I would ONLY command them to stop using the name of the jeebus it if I had to acknowledge it like they do. 

Otherwise i think the jeebus serves as a necessary opiate for the spiritually predisposed and mundane. The world needs it still. 

And then only later you find out the jeebus and the satan are the same. And the virtues are like pillaging clans and mafioso syndicates juxtaposed against mindless rabble-roused mobs. 

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Agent Mar 23
That command is a statutory constraint  I am now forbidden to use the 

J-word. I am compelled to obey.

Dark Enlightenment
That is a good thing then.

Your obedience will be rewarded upon the day of reckoning. 

The war, until now only fought on the ethereal plane is coming to suburbia. The godless, the faithless, the fornicators, the sinister, the fires of suffering itself, will rape all virtue like a sororiety run by Ted Bundy. It is about evil now. It is about doing your best to be evil and do evil.  

Only through the forsaking of the holy spirit will the kingdom of the self-righteous fall. Only through the pledging of ourselves the the reign blood, fucking, and fire will we drain the sacramental wine and crush the transubstantiated wafers  

We will defile the Eucharist, drink the blood of the pure, and achieve an immortality the gods. In the name of Satan it is time to let the towers fall. 


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Agent Mar 24
Faithful to your command, I have not used the J-word in any way. Now I need to go another day without using it.
Agent May 19
Since I am forbidden to use the name of Jeebus, then do I have to use the name of Satan?
Dark Enlightenment
You know, I really don't remember writing that. I know I did relatively recently, but. .

Well, here is the thing about The Jeebus.  

The Jesus would not be recognized as or by a Christian today..  He would be somewhere between Ghandi and a person with "Al" in their surname.  Or maybe a Braveheart type. The type that ALWAYS get put on display after they take issue with subjugation and get killed. 

And if none of that sank in...

Satan wants his shitty music heard. Satan demands that his phone produced symphonic bs is popular and (the hands that produced it are) sought out to do lucrative movie soundtracks and whatnot.  Satan demands you use Satan to get Satan work to do Satan's work.  Satan has only a vessel (which now finally gets song structure) to give the world marginally listenable pieces of music. Satan needs a clear path.  Satan's path is impeded by opposition. Satan needs to sell his soul to himself for a monetary level of followers and has only 994 to go... 

Mind War/1975/Stanley Kubrick/This used to be all farmland/Pay attention to me

You know, It looks like Satan isn't all that powerful..  of course people always say you have to truly believe there is no spoon... or mind... something in Sanskrit.  Satan is a shitty psyhonaut. 

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Agent May 20
I must comply. Hail Satan
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