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Owner/Admin Aug 25 '19
So a friend of mine and I play a game to come up with the best acronyms for T.S.T. .Would like to see what you guys got . I got about a dozen . Gonna hold back most of them until people jump in but I will start it. 

TST - Triggered Snowflake Temple 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 25 '19

We used to play games like this in GATE a long time ago when school was still fun.

Acronyms are endless, but not enough of a challenge.

Side bar for an Anagrams. There are some good letters to use in the words, The Satanic Temple. 

TST -   Timid Students of Theatrics


Tame inept satchel   <--- funnier if you read Get Fuzzy

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Owner/Admin Aug 25 '19
Trans Styled Tuck-it

Triggered Satanic Teens

Trump Suckered Triggers

Okay but you gotta admit S.I.N. ( Satanic International Network ) that was pretty good. Surprised no on else grabbed it. I did se a Satanic Inter National for the first years. It looked like a web page of resource material form LHP stuff. But....move to slow...you know.

Baphomets Aug 25 '19
Tricks Served by Turds
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Discordia Aug 29 '19
Troubled Satanic Teletubbies
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