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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 20 '19
Reddit unfortunately is flooded with SJW Leftist Liberal activist that will call you a Nazi to incite the mob of other triggered snowflakes to come help out harassing you . When this happens the hypocrisy and shallowness of these types really comes out. For a political SJW liberal to sling groundless triggered names at you in a attempt to silence your voice is not only weak sauce but ultimately cowardly and telling of your character. 

Now even when I ask the snowflake cry babies to cite a single example of something I said said that would suggest I have any relations with former National Socialist Germans who died out i 1940's. They not only have nothing but continue to wail on and on effectively derailing and possible conversation with someone else that might not be a irrational pussy with no independent thoughts. 

These SJW snowflakes effectively become what they claim they are fighting against. Censorship. Hatred. Irrational bullying. Repression. Yet they do it by finger pointing and slandering without any given proof or even reasoning . Should you press them by simply questioning their motives and sources then you get met with ' STFO Nazi ' ! 

Most of the cowards would NEVER have the balls to speak the way they do to your face. Unless they come in a mob after protesting a Bakery for not making gay wedding cakes to not offend his God. Even then they would likely only give you the finger as they speed off in their electric hybrid cars. 

Most are to you or even born when Boyd Rice and Schrek dressed like militant Nazis or Fascists . Yet they blog about it on Reddit referring to ' the dark times of the Church of Satan being invaded by neo-Nazis. These idiots are trying to re-write history they were not even born yet to push their stupid SJW nonsense into Satanism . 

Rice and Schreck dressed like that for a few reasons. 

1. To play on peoples irrational fears during the Satanic Panic

2. Get attention and make money on talk shows

3. Because those uniforms are fucking sexy

and finally to trigger herd mentality retards into calling them a Nazi while they froth at the mouth. It is amusing and you do not even have to try and pick out the idiots in the back ground. 

So here you go snowflakes .... enjoy. 

Do not mistake Elitism for Nazis just because the message scares you like a Jew :)

Video I made of Satanists who are not triggered into hating Trump because the media tells them too and their favorite celebrities say they do to .. 

Dont mistake Elitists for Nazis just because their message scares you . Unless you are a Jew LOL. Skip to 7 minutes 

Finally a picture for them to cite of me, which ignorant people might actually consider I having some sort of affiliation, for some extinct political movement, from nearly a hundred years ago. Jews Boogie Men. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 20 '19
Most are to you or even born when Boyd Rice and Schrek dressed like militant Nazis or Fascist.

Yup, and they still whine without a hint of irony, and that is the "things not as they are literally intended" kind. 

The nature of incorporating a detestable aesthetic is not for everyone.

Honestly, and this is from a self-described outspoken queer, the LGBT equivalent of your standard 8-8-88 rally is par-for-the-flaming-course.... if you consider Rice like a one time "reparative therapy" camper.  One that came back to rub that he is still an unabashed queen of a bitch-fag that enjoys posting the gayest shit possible if only to troll his religious relatives meddling tendencies.

Furthermore, they mock themselves by assuming he is actually a Nazi. It shows they are rigid, stupid, carbon copy thinking drones without the ability to recognize a grey area of subversive use.

Quite honestly, I am really growning to dislike most gay guys (and their SJW causes). I am finding them worse than Young Republicans in their borg-like unwavering support for the most castrated view possible.

It's a doctrine of alt-left cry baby bullshit, no better than their counterbalanced red state opposites. 

On a personal somewhat related note:

He was cute, but ever since I openly supported weapons with .223 ammo and 30 round clips and expressed displeasure and empathy that The Glok Store is moving his business to Nashville, TN, he just hasn't called back. It upset the status homo. 

Amazing how even the queens will blackball you for not being of a hive mind, but theirs is a better hive mind so... c'est la vie, fake ass bitch. 

"OMG, I cant believe you actually voted for John McCain!"

Yup and he would've won had he not picked the airhead Tina Fey look-alike what killed the moose.


And if you really want to get them SJW's remind them (As of 11-11-19) has Trump as +130 over next closest competitor Elizabeth 'WTF are the democrats on' Warren at +365. 

And despite my major distaste for his isolationist, trade-warring, attempted reaganomics revivalist ass, he will always be too marred by controversy even in a second term.

I actually look forward to see if ANYTHING can prevent his inevitable re-election at this point. 

Apparently there's some impeachment thingy being attempted, I don't think anyone cares though. 

Though, I do miss when THIS was how republicans talked on America and it being great. 

If only he didn't go back on this and RAISE the capital gains taxes to stave off a major economic recession. 

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TheblackestBart Nov 24 '19
"if your not with us, you're against us" the left uses this almost exclusively. Mot people see it as a them being defensive, but I see it as pure offence. It was pure offence when Bush said it, but everybody has forgotten the 2000s the only way I react to it is: "only a sith deals in absolutes"
Crowley56 Jan 7
Legions of trolls on Reddit to promote groupthink for the diseased Left.  All of this is at it's core anti White racism promoted by the Globalists.
Jul 23
r/satanism = satanism LARP

Very surface level. 

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