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Mar 6
Greetings, from a California Satanist. My names Alex, I am not terribly new to this Path. Iv'e had an interest in occultism at a very young age. I started off being introduced to Wicca when I was beginning on my Path, but I had more of an interest to the darker side of Occultism which brought me on the current Path that I am on.

As a Teenager I delved deeply into Satanism by beginning reading the Satanic Bible and other COS literature's, which started me off on the LaVeyan root. Over time I came to realize that there was more knowledge on the Left Hand Path to be gained, then being in one plain circle to put it in perspective.

I now identify more as a theist now, believing that a literal Prince of Darkness exists outside of this realm. I have over the years gained many of my influences from the Temple of Set and have incorporated the philosophical aspects among my system. 

I discovered Satanic International at a very young age years ago from watching a lot of videos from Mr. Black. Which made me decide to go on this forum site to meet certain individuals that I have never really met in my life.

I have been active in the LHP Community for quite a while now. Over the years I haven't been as active as I was before, since I am now at a Trade School commuting and working to complete my trade and move on by getting my Career started. 

I have slowly decided to reemerge by gaining more knowledge on the Dark Path. I hope to meet a lot of nice individuals on here :).

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
Alex: It's a great honor to welcome you , this gate of Hell will be epened to you for increasing  the huge amount of knowledge and diabolical experiences that all the demons in here already have,  yours w'll be appreciated.

Here in the presence of the Lord and King of Darkness you'll understand that Light is Darkness and Darkness is Light, good is evil and evil is good, Satan is a man or a woman and a woman or a man is Satan, all the Princes and Princesses of Hell are intelectual human beings and so forth, continue  building and mastering  your own Hell and your own demons, be a creator of your own Kingdome of darkness and the metaphoric or real King of Darkness will give you what you've been looking for. 

Jul 4
Greetings fam, my real name is Jacob I'm a Luciferian from Detroit Michigan (yes I'm BLACK) and I'm glad to be part of this family. I've joined this site last year, and that was 13 months from now. But, I got booted off for some reason, password, email, username all got magically erased and that's some scandalous $h#t, but it's all good because I'm back now b!$%hes and I'm back for good. And I hope everyone is okay and all is well with you guys during this pandemic, and that all I gotta say, peace. Hollar at me
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