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LGBT Satanists

LGBT Satanists

This group is intended for the LGBT satanic community. Although I am neither LGBT I figured I would make a group for the rest of you. 
Aug 10 '20
I just thought I’d overstep my bounds and start a thread on introductions 

For myself gay isn’t quite it. I tend to sexually assume the female firm often with str8 men and always with Satanic intent whether the partner knows it or not. A little deception for the cause.  Where I can I make sure to get punished for this in my place of Satanic offering. A small dungeon I built in my home. 

Well, obviously I’m not on the DL. I’m always up to meet with Satanists of any gender or sexual identity. Essentially I can worship Satan without sex but I can’t have sex without worshipping Satan. 

If I haven’t scared everyone off or got myself banned, I welcome anyone to contact me and of course I will reply. 


Chicago, iL

Loco Puto
Loco Puto Aug 15 '20
Welcome to the site Pubertos.
DeadManAnimations Member
DeadManAnimations Sep 14 '20
Hey everyone
I'm a pansexual satanist who believes in supporting queer action against the status quo; the cishet patriarchal structures that impose themselves on all queer people globally. That means supporting all queer persons, from trans person (including non-binary persons) to asexual persons, in this world which uses hetrosexuality as a tool to enforce normalcy and conformity into capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism.

For me it's important to carry the political throughline of queerness into my satanism and beyond, as I have no interest in just merely "being queer" in a world where queer people suffer and die all the time. 

Hail Satan
Another_One Apr 12
I’m pansexual, I don’t agree with or conform to society constructed gender.
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