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Kenneth Tabor Chapter Head
Kenneth Tabor Sep 11 '20

I found a link to a library that has a lot of LHP type books in it. I can't speak to the quality of said books, but it's a library.

Russian Library

You can then put in an authors name and search like this. Just enter and name and the URL populates as below.

When the search returns results look on the right hand side for "Mirrors". Select 1,2,3,4,5. Then a new page opens just hit "GET" and it should download the PDF.

I like to use Amazon and search for books then come to this link and download from a free, public source. I'm sure other libraries may work too, this is just the best one I've found so far in regards to LHP material.

Sworshipper Feb 21
A useful search tool for books and articles is Google Scholar. See for example :
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