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Dec 7 '20

Sorry folks.  I had posted a link in the shout box (to another site) not recognized by Oxwall, then deleted it before posting, but a glitch retained some php something or other within the comment that fucked the forum.  This one's totally my fault.  

Delet this account if you need too.

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Dec 7 '20
This could help? I dont shit about PHP.


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Dec 8 '20

I'm not sure about the larger picture but I remember maybe a couple decades ago in my little corner of the world that PHP shit was becoming more popular it seemed. Often mentioned in conjunction with the Apache web server and My SQL.

Back then I recall shopping carts and CGI(common gateway interface) were, or were becoming a big thing. I did it for a while although I'm sure I didn't adhere to any industry standards as I was self taught, pretty much, but I was able to get shit to work, and I got paid, really well.

The PHP syntax is similar to C; C++ which was my programming language at the time - all Microsofts' shit.

Nowadays I feel like going back to Linux with all of MS' information gathering routines and a bunch of worthless crap that at times can make watching stuff load comparable to watching flies fuck...

Not to mention the 'forced updates' and a daunting feeling that MS may be helping Big Brother to spy on me, or anyone else for that matter.

Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Dec 8 '20
Many things of merit are Linux now. 

Even SpaceX's entire program (mission control and space vehicles) are written in Linux. 

That said, my programming ability ends on a Microsoft Word/TI-81 graphing calculator Visual Basic tab. Not even C++. 


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Dec 9 '20

I had a copy of Linux years ago. I believe it was Red Hat Linux 7.1. It had a (Gnome and KDE) user interface similar to Windows, but my boss was using the Windows 2000 Advanced Server at the time and he gave me a copy of that for me to learn so I could test my software and help him with his internet servers.

I don't recall exactly how I acquired the Linux OS but have been thinking about going back, should be as simple as zeroing the HD and doing a clean install. The bitch part of course is configuring the new OS to match my current setup; might need a boot disc.

Windows isn't really that bad if you keep the registry and HD clean, and eliminate unnecessary background processes - CCleaner will do much of that...

So in the end it becomes MS' shady business practices that are the deciding factor to motivate someone enough to say : fuck it.

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Dec 10 '20
The Shout Out Box may be a security issue. If people keep putting links there, they can constantly cripple this site. I say we move SIN to Amino. 
Dec 11 '20
Life is a security issue.
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