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LeVi Lockwood
LeVi Lockwood Oct 2 '14
My name is Levi Lockwood.

It's been a while since I've been active online in any sort of Satanic forum.  A few years ago I became bored with the whole deal and went off the grid as far as networking is concerned.

This however, seems like a good point to jump back in.  I was a member of the original S.I.N. (under another screen name) for a bit and enjoyed it very much.

It seems to me that the face of Satanism is changing.  With the Satanic Temple engaged in it's work on many levels, and Mr. Black moving off the web with the newly formed Satanic International Organization...well...I figured it might be time to dust off the old keyboard and see what's shaking.

I plan on being as active as my schedule will allow.  My life is a bit demanding (as I'm sure everyone can relate to) but I intend to put forth an effort.

As far as how I operate (I'll put up a blog about all that later) when it comes to online interaction I pretty much go by Road House rules:  I be nice until it's time to not be nice anymore.

By and large however, I value the exchange of knowledge.  One of my original reasons for leaving the online realm in the first place was disgust at how the internet is used is such dull ways.  Trolling bores me.  Flaming bores me.  Shitty updates about third parties I don't know tend to bore me...you get the point.

One good thing about the Satanic community (for the most part) is that a lot of that bullshit is avoided.

I look forward to interacting with you all.  I've never met a completely uninteresting person...and certainly never met an uninteresting Satanist 

I don't subscribe to Facebook, or Twitter, or Tumbler.

I do have a Youtube Channel with some basic (and I must admit...somewhat boring) content on it.  If anyone were so inclined you can find it by searching "Levi Lockwood."

Have a good Day,


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