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Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Oct 2 '14
Ya know, I've been a Satanist for a good portion of my life thus far, and it still blows my mind, how so many people can be so supportive, in the name of such a wonderful and beloved figure. 

You know, some people call us deluded, crazy, or even weird, for obsessing over Satan, but I mean, how can you not? Have you met Satan, had a personal connection with Satan? Until you have, you're in no place to judge. Satan is the most beautiful, truly powerful being that I, or any other person, have ever seen. To see Satan at work, is a beautiful thing. He moves with the grace and elegance of an angel, and is possessed of the strength and fury of a storm. His work is magnificent to behold.

But, it's really organizations like this one, like the Church of Satan, Joy of Satan, and all the other Satan fanclubs out there that make this little obsession of ours truly worth it. It's all of you lovely people out there, each and every one of you, touched in your hearts, by Satan's kindness, his glory, his magnificent fortitude. Because of that, we all share a bond that is beyond compare to anything but the strength of Satan himself. 

And we owe it all....

To our glorious, golden idol....

Mr. Hercule Satan!

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Kenneth Oct 3 '14
I always hated Hercule. I don't know why his Japanese name is Mr. Satan, since his tendency to take credit for the work others have done is so unlike Satan's behavior in literature.
johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Oct 3 '14

Quote from luz

And who on Earth is Mr. Hercule Satan : )) ?

Somebody did not watch Dragonball Z.
johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Oct 3 '14

Quote from Dimitri
Quote from Kegare I always hated Hercule. I don't know why his Japanese name is Mr. Satan,
Hercule/ Mr. Satan is his stage name in the dragonball series. 
Hercule, as a stage name, is being used in the Funimation dub whereas Mr. Satan is the original stage name from the uncensored manga/animation. His real name is actually "Mark".


Hurh, must be something added to the animation then. I have the entire Dragonball manga collection. Not one mention of his "stage name" vs his "real name".

nith Oct 3 '14

First off I would like to ask the meaning of love that is being used?

Even though I like double or triple word meaning often I feel the need to ask the usage if it is used. Is this the caring, respectful love or the I want to use a word more powerful than like version?

As for the application of the word satan or title Satan, I find the actions are more powerful than the single word. The idea of Satan has become the ultimate level of a standard as many forgot what the standard was. I would ask why only that word fits the description and why only that set symbolism?

About three site reincarnations ago I wrote a small passage on how the title and standard of Satanism is devalued by over use. I even jokingly added the Cheshire cat could have greater Satanic symbolism than the word Satan in what is now common usage words.

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