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Cornelius Coburn
God Is The Universe


Hoodlum88 Sep 30
I'm watching this animated video featuring my favorite black magic murid. He bends reality itself to his will and uses it for his own selfish ends. 

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Phil_Lopian Oct 1
I really like this documentary about two girls growing up in some cold place. They spent their childhood as best friends. Things would happen to them when they came of age, and they'd be separated. One eventually became a Buddhist nun.


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Cornelius Coburn
Avian Gang Wars


Phil_Lopian Oct 2

Quote from Cornelius Coburn Avian Gang Wars


Wow that's cool! Violence is a universal language.

I can beat that though:

Cornelius Coburn
Bad Day At The Park


Cornelius Coburn
I used to watch this back in the 80s. I remember one time I saved a joint for three days so I could smoke it while getting ready for the show. It was on at a weird time : Saturday : 11:15 PM. I believe it was ABC News Nightline that immediately preceded it which was my cue to start smokin'.


Yes ! It's the Benny Hill Show !


Phil_Lopian Oct 9
I'm watching North Korean girls dance and change outfits magickally! 

Phil_Lopian Oct 9
This is cool: indigenous girl fight. It looks fun. I wish we could do it here in America, but the fags and our Leftist government won't let us do it:

Aborior Translatione
What country are you in?

If it's women doing contact sports it's different. 

In today's world they still pass out blue karate and pink baton twirling fliers to kids, only they are both yellow, baton twirling is now dance, and the girl that wants the karate one and the boy that wants the dance one are equally special for their choices.

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Phil_Lopian Oct 9
That's not fun. I mean the whole small town parties and fights. Like a festival + fighting. 

I just discovered one of my favorite genre of music: Huaylia! It's the indigenous music of Chumbivilca. 

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Cornelius Coburn
I don't watch many movies lately, not like I used to, but I do have some memories of favorite scenes when I did.

Who the hell were those people? Beats the shit outta me.


Phil_Lopian Oct 10
I'm watching this guy yodel in some kind of language:


Cornelius Coburn
Mr. Bean - Fatal Beatings


Cornelius Coburn
I was watching this earlier. It was actually pretty fuckin' good, so much so that I thought I would save the other half for later to enjoy with a sandwich before retiring, and maybe locate some similar to compliment.

I was into this a good twenty minutes without a single peep outta the bullshit detector, and I usually avoid paranormal shit like untested vaccines. Not really paranormal, but a slight hint.

Nearly an hour into this and it's still pretty good, minus the ads. It's age restricted, but here's the link : Missing 411 : The Hunted

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Phil_Lopian Oct 15
I've been watching my genetic north indian ancestors dancing to compare. I love the music and the drums:

Cornelius Coburn
Yes, the dancing. A very pretty girl with a beautiful smile.
Cornelius Coburn
I don't believe that a girl like that has any of the negative attributes that TR talks about. I know looks can be deceiving, but she just looks nice through and through.
Cornelius Coburn
Chloe is a nice girl too, and some girls are pretty smart, and if you act like an idiot, than you're likely to be treated like one.
Cornelius Coburn
Ironically though, back in the day when I was experimenting with altered states. I used to write some really fucked up shit within a small edit window, but I never got any negative feedback, and to date that thread has nearly a quarter of a million views, and that ain't even YouTube, just some out-of-the-way occult forum on a dead end street.
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