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Wolfie Aug 11
This thread will be used to share articles regarding China's expansion efforts and the USA's responses.

Remember I have predicted that by 2026 the USA and China will be at war.

U.S. warns Middle East allies not to give China a military base

Nutzack Mendez Esquire

This person has a slightly different timeframe for war at 10-15 years down the road. 

China will get bases in poor African countries. Then the NATO sanction game starts with the countries that support China.  Then they'll start moving warheads and forces. 

Americans haven't had the threat of total annihilation since the 60's. 

It will have that Retro cold war feel before too long.  China/Russia/A few scattered allies like Iran vs. the rest of the world. 

Think they'll bring back duck and cover?

Obligatory Iron Maiden.

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Nutzack Mendez Esquire
Personally, I think it's about Taiwan. 

All land China has a claim over will be used and taken at some point. 


If that happens China is saying,  "We are going to go take back Taiwan and remove all ROC soveirgn claim, who is gonna stop us?"   It will be indirect baiting to war.  The global presence seems like a precipitous strategic move to project might in the event of The PRC making well on their promise to unify all their territory. 

Might have to stop being World Police on this one. 

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Cornelius Coburn
I was worried about China back in 2015. Because of sheer numbers I figured they must have one hell of a military.

Russia, not so much. I actually saw Putin at some Q&A where Russian citizens were asking questions and interacting with him and he seemed pretty cool. Some don't take kindly to that assessment though.

I don't give a shit about Trump, but I thought it was cool hearing about how well he was getting along with Putin.

Phil_Lopian Aug 15
What would Sin Jones [Sin3] say about the current situation between China and America, and a potential war? 

Sin3 used to be so active. She had an opinion about everything. 

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Aug 16
He's doing better and recovering. Hold the triggers.
Wolfie Aug 16
China shares a 50 mile border with Afghanistan.

For China, the return of the Taliban poses more risk than opportunity

Anna Aug 17

It seems China has smelled some opportunity in Taliban ruled Afghanistan:

China and Russia were the first ones to offer readiness to keep diplomatic relations with Talibans.

Wolfie Aug 17
A good and useful article, Anna. Rare earths will be the new oil, apparently. They're used in electronics, clean energy, aerospace, cars, and defense. China and the Taliban are surely both laughing at the United States right now. Which is not to say the USA should have stayed in Afghanistan. We shouldn't have been there in the first place, except in the capacity that China will now be in; I.e., doing business with a credible business partner, which the Taliban are, despite their asinine and nauseating misogyny. This is especially true since, if we were doing business with the Taliban, they wouldn't be flying jets into our skyscrapers.

Here again we see that China is playing chess while the United States is playing checkers, and the discrepancy is all the more glaring because the United States is forever trying to keep its good guy badge shiny, while China couldn't care less about such counter-productive bullshit.

Wolfie Aug 17
Interestingly, all of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have notable rare earths deposits. The first four have high volumes and the fifth has the world's highest quality.

When the United States finally goes to war with China, I expect Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa to side with China. Economically, the battle lines are already being drawn. And make no mistake: Economics is the deciding factor in war, as to why it starts, who's on which side, and ultimately, as to who wins.


Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Aug 17
It's all a masquerade. Until the real party gets down.
Cornelius Coburn
I prefer not to think about all the nuclear weapons that could be involved. I don't believe in a primordial god that would intervene such a matter, and Nagasaki and Hiroshima WAS allowed to happen.


I would like to believe that the current universal 'order' would not allow it again.

Wolfie Aug 20
China won't repeat USA's mistakes in Afghanistan

The USA's constant need to earn its good guy merit badge (publicly) leaves it with a stupid and weak foreign policy. Meanwhile, China has the sense to base all foreign policy on its own economic and military interests: this is sharp-and-strong-minded.

The United States disgusts me. Not one drop of moralism should ever enter into foreign policy, yet moralism drenches every inch of the USA's (public) objectives. This is why China outmaneuvers us at every turn.

I'm starting to wonder if war will come even sooner than I thought. The clearer it becomes that the United States is losing the peace in every corner of the globe, the more attractive war will look to politicians who want to rule the world but don't have the balls or the stomach to do so by ruthlessly projecting peacetime power - so they'll hand the baton to people who do have the balls and the stomach for ruthlessly projecting power at the point of a gun (the generals and admirals of the armed forces).

donot Aug 24
You still consider as USA is god, plus China and any regional power. Excuse me if I hadn't understood it right but, there is a global unrest. I do not think the rest of the world cares about the US nuclears, because there are the Russian countermeasures, I think global politics count on that. It just doesn't seem right to me China intervention in Afghanistan, it will never happen. 

 Plus, the immediate evacuation has only happened due to Talibans? 

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Nutzack Mendez Esquire

*** Conspiracy Hiatus ***

All Hail World Trade! 

What matters more than stock indexing and venture capital anyway. 

These are all tail wagging invasions of Albania so everyone can make-believe everyone isn't already sewn ass-to-mouth in a global centipede of market cap excrement. No one that matters is to going to ever really do anything anyway. They have greater concerns. 

At the end of the day every country works like a rich white man with a small dick. They all just want extravagant big, tall, and long things. 

[USA - GDS (Global dick size) rank: 1]

[China - GDS Rank - 2] 

[Japan - GDS Rank - 3]

[UAE - GDS Rank - 29th]  

[Malaysia - GDS Rank - 36th] 

Other countries, such as India (Not pictured), have a large global cock (#4) but it is predominantly in the supply part of the chain. Like Doctors, textile workers, and Western tech support. 

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donot Sep 8
Breakthroughs take some time to be apprehended by society.  Imagine if you had to explain the Stock Market to a cannibal. Not saying the Stock Market is alright, there's still a lot of cannibals in it. That's not a reason to say it's wrong and should be banned. 

Though I liked economical centipede. 

Ass to mouth is ATM? 

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Aborior Translatione
This is relevant for this thread. 

Seems old Joe isn't that much different than the Don after all. Even being criticized for using Trump era policy to use Austrailia to build up a defence network for the coming world war with China. 

We even got to fuck over the French. 

Now the real reason for the Austrailian/UK agreement.

Apart from arming the Aussies it was a good move to let Russia build the pipeline Putin owns. They're  now less likely to help China over the West.  

All lining up to China & North Korea vs. The World.

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donot Sep 28
Big money always gets the most of it. We always take care of our backyard, but in the end Big money gets the most of it . It's very difficult since everybody is caring about their well-being. 
Phil_Lopian Sep 28
This is what I think of China:

Knievel74 Member
Knievel74 Oct 2
As far as a war with China the US has already lost. Look at how many US businesses have moved to China, or that China has already spent $300 billion dollars (so far) buying US real estate including farmland. And China pretty much controls Hollywood. You can't produce a big budget film that will be marketed in China without a representative of China approving the script. Just look up Alibaba Group. They're a Chinese conglomerate.
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