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baphomantis Sep 13
Would just like to say that I am here. Glad I found this place and that it exists. I donated my soul to the Satanic cause in 1996. It's been interesting times ever since. I study various religions and cults as well as practice sorcery. Hope to share more and gain further insights soon.

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Berardo Rodriguez Member
Bophomantis: You are very welcome , I'm glad to be here too. You will feel His dark anointing while you are staying in this His own infernal site. 
Phil_Lopian Sep 13
Bienvenidos a nosotros website satanico Baphometis.

Hang around awhile and relax. Satan has very big ideas. Sometimes it looks overwhelming where you think to yourself: "Boy, my mind is so small, I don't think that'll fit Satan?!" But the secret is to be relaxed and opened minded, and to not tense up when he begins to work on penetrating your mind. You won't believe some of the things people can fit into their minds!

Infernal Acumen
Good evening Baphomantis,

Its great to see we have another to join our ranks and participate amongst us. As you have probably noticed, there are plenty of topics and groups to get involved in. Feel free to jump on any thread, no matter how old, and spill out to us what you have on your mind! In the mean time...

Darkest of blessings to you, Baphomantis

donot Sep 16
The oldest the better.
Dantalion Sep 17
Yea this site is pretty cool.
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