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Dantalion Nov 12 '21
So from 2014-2018 I lived in Washington State. How I ended up out there I’ll save for another post. But for about 6 months I lived in my car in Seattle by 16th and Yesler. I was a hardcore heroin addict at the time (like thousands of others in that city) and when my plugs wouldn’t answer and I needed to get well, or if I just wanted somewhere to hang out where there’s lots of activity, I would go to a part of downtown called The Blade. It’s in 3rd ave by Pine. I saw some shit there that would blow your mind. I also met some really cool and off the chain people. Here’s a few things I saw there:
I saw a skinny white dude with a backpack get sucker punched by the biggest black dude without a shirt on harder then I’ve ever seen a dude get punched in my life. The guy was just walking down the street and I was in front of the McDonalds talking to my friend Star (there’s a story about her I’ll save for another post)and he was walking up to this group of black guys and one of the guys in the group just floored him for no reason at all. The guy totally got knocked out and his head smacked into the concrete and his jaw was clearly broken. Star got really startled and she started to lunge down to help the guy that got punched and I grabbed her really quick and pulled her out of there because who knows what they could have done to her and we just got the fuck out of there. I don’t know what happened to the guy but I didn’t hear any sirens at all for like an hour after it happened because if your in trouble, your basically on your own out there. Another time I saw a guy od’d dead on the sidewalk. He was just laying there by the ATM across the street on Pine and he was blue. One time, I got heroin through my friend doo doo, and we went to this tent that was set up right there in 3rd and there was this black guy in there, and he had a few zips of meth and probably an ounce of heroin laying right there on the floor of his tent. The dope I got from him was so good too. Another time, I scored a quad of heroin (black) from this dude G in Belltown, and right after we made the transaction, I look up and there’s Jerry Cantrell in a pimped out Maseratti looking right up at me with this rockstar grin like “I know what you just did” lol! I would score Xanax from this skinny white kid that would ride around in these orange bikes that are strewn all over town that you just swipe your card and rent them by the minute or something. I would pop Xanax and shoot up with my junkie friends I would meet right there on the sidewalk and just pick a spot in the sidewalk and just nod out for hours. One time I saw a guy yelling at the air right in the middle of the intersection of 4th and pine with dreadlocks and he would have syringes tied into his dreadlocks. Anytime you wanted to smoke weed, all you needed to do was ask anyone if they could sell you a bowl for a dollar or two and you can score a bowl or a joint no problem. Basically, anything On the blade goes but you best be careful because if you get in trouble, all you’ll have to back you up is your friends because there will be no cops or paramedics to help you.
donot Jan 9
I do not applause. Just remember how Jimmy Hendrix died. There will be no friends. Just you and your ... lover.
Dantalion Jan 9
@Donot<br />
Way to shitpost, anyhow, you just reminded me, there was this homeless dude that looked just like Jimi Hendrix that would bring a little battery powered amp and guitar to Capitol Hill right by the Jimi Hendrix statue they have in front of Blick Art Materials. he would jam for hours and make BANK from donations.
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Cornelius Coburn
I can remember walking around late at night and finding outside places to plug into - stealing electricity here and there.
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