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Elendara10 May 11
Hello! I'm from Puerto Rico. I am new to the occult path. It took me alot of time to decide what are my beliefs. Of course nobody in my family or friends know what I am or about my beliefs. Because most of them are christians and I like to keep my beliefs in private. 
Welcome to SIN! I'm pretty much the same except it took me much longer (I'm 63)
Elendara10 May 13

Thanks for the welcome!


Welcome to SIN well I know the feeling me too my family are also Christians I couldn't stand going to church it was awful. I got into the occult also in my early twenties I think you need to be you though living your own life so good decision good you did what felt right to you. Well SIN is really cool and awesome. 

Dantalion Jul 1
Welcome and hail Satan!
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donot Jul 1
Going to a strip club is better.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Darkness is covering the whole world,  the King of the North  (Belial) is advancing with His mighty army of powerful demons  to take over and possess what the faithless and cowers are leaving behind for the lack of conviction in their own sacred teaching. My daughter  Elendar, everything has its own time  , and you has come in the right time,  it was good for you to pass through that disgusting experience of false teaching in the christiandom to know better now, if you want to keep it secret it is good too (secrecy is one of the pillars that sustain the witches knowledge) , but remember that the old demon once said:" There is nothing occult that will not come to light,  and every tree is known by its fruits ", sooner or later your works or deeds will speak louder than your satanic secresy,  and you have to be prepared for that moment , therefore,  prepare yourself at all times,  live your life and enjoy it, you are welcome the this house of the Devil,  don't be afraid and you'll possess the crown of life and you'll stand on the gates of all your enemies to feast in front of them. Welcome to S.I.N.
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