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Sabrina Jul 19 '22
Do you find it immoral to cheat in an exam? Or to steal from a big business? If so, why? 
Rune Jul 20 '22
No, but it doesn't seem like it'd be worth the hassle.

Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Geraldo Respuesta Jul 21 '22
Is using an anagram solver to win at online scrabble "immoral"? 

I dont like the lens of "moral". It doesn't speak to the character of an individual. And if that character needs to cheat to stratify itself in this world nothing but their ability to pull it off (and not get called out) can stop it.  But a character that cheats is a character that usually does anything to save themselves. Snitch-a-bitch personality, something that applies to all interpretations of morality.  

Neither The CIA nor the Sinaloa Cartel is going to trust you. Not that there is much difference to begin with...

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Dantalion Aug 1 '22
In regards, it depends on what your going to school for and how you decide to apply your knowledge. If your in medical school where that knowledge will determine life and death, then it’s wrong. But if your just getting an arts degree then I see no issue with cheating at all. With stealing, it’s WRONG. If everybody stole from a major retailer, then the store wouldn’t turn a profit and corporate would close it down, as your seeing in some U.S cities right now. And a mom and pop store where the owners are just trying to get by? It’s VERY wrong.
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