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Dantalion Oct 11
Mankind has two different kinds of personalities. You have type A personalities, which are more aggressive, are leaders, are drawn to power and stand up for what they believe in. Then you have type B personalities, which are more passive, follow the herd, are more artistic and are more caring and avoid conflict. Which personality type are you (1 being a type b and 10 being a type A. For an example, I consider myself a 6) and do you think it fits your brand of Satanism?
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Guess Oct 12
For me I consider myself in between like a 5. I'm not agressive, I don't follow the heard so I can avoid conflicts, I don't have a brilliant mind so I'm not a kind of an artist but a free think who makes his best to deal with everyday matters and mostly difficult situations without single trouble. That's it!
Dark Enlightenment
I have a master personality with a superman master morality.  I also have a baiting personality with a transgressive baiting morality. 

Put those two together and that's what I do everywhere I share my opinion. Truth be told I like attention when i combine those two.

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Sabrina Oct 14
A 4. I like to stand up for what I believe in, and it feels very powerful because I feel so strongly about it. But now as I’m getting older, I like to think through it so it doesn’t come off biased. But I also hate conflict because most conflicts are very unnecessary and it takes a mature mind to see through that
Berardo Rodriguez Member
I consider myself a cunning person who can use and influence personality A to do what I want with personality B, some people call a person like me "an eleventh commandment person" ( the type of person who can add whatever he-she want  to any given rule  to satisfy his desires) or "a zero commandment person " ( which it's  the subtraction to any given commandment to accomplish his objectives).   I can manipulate any person or situation  to completely  do what   I want. It is like Satan  the Devil manipulating Jehovah God mind to inflict pain to  His faithful Job in the beginning of the book of Job in the  Bible or like Moses the prophet  ( in the same Bible )manipulating Jehovah God's desires to destroy the people of Israel in the desert,  Moses knew how to change God's mind to accomplish his desires to keep the people alive for his benefits. 
Anna Oct 16
Five. I view myself as someone in between. I'm not a leader, definitely. At work, I would make a hopeless and miserable supervisor if that position was offered to me, hypothetically speaking of course. I'm not thoughtlessly following the majority trends though. I think I'm caring but not passive. If I set some goal before myself, I try to follow through. Generally, I'm kind and I avoid initiating conflicts. However, if I'm faced with confrontation or any other difficult situation, I don't run away from it.

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