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Happy Spider
Happy Spider Jan 17 '17
Aw yes this link is legit. Thank you very much!
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Owner/Admin Dec 14 '17
My two cents... 

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Owner/Admin Dec 14 '17

Nuff said. I read most of it. IMO word soup of what LaVey said. 

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Owner/Admin Dec 14 '17

Quote from AK

The thing about Gilmore is that, I see in him an actually pretty decent, respectable, intelligent, congenial, articulate, and talented person.

He'd probably make a better scout leader than most scout leaders - which, in turn, makes him well-suited for those "Satanists" whose emotional needs hinge upon progression, rank, pats on the back, etc... and good bog there are a lot of them:

^would you want the job of patting their asses in exchange for $200 per head? Anything less than ten times that is charitable, in my opinion.

While LaVey could easily handle both roles - there's really no voice for the more earthy, hands-in-the-dirt, visceral, societal malcontents that, let's face it, the word "Satanism" attracts. The culture-jammers. The Boyd Rice types.

But that's how it should be, anyway. The mission-statement is as easily interpreted as it is well-understood.

There is no need to phone home, and besides! there is no home to call back-to, anyhow. Go forth and let the currents do what they do.

Disavow any association with anyone - "organization of non-joiners" that it is and all.

Could they have found a more unattractive female spokes person? AK and Dread can you imagine trying to have a beer in public with any of these people? 

Little known fact the CoS hasz a black list. I found this out when I tried to get a picture with a certain person of the administration. He said to me ' I like you Zach but no pictures. You are on the black list. I will lose my status within the Church if these pictures are public' . my response was ' Are you serious? Do you really want to belong to a organization that determines who you can not be friends with' ? 

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Owner/Admin Dec 15 '17
@AK47 the grand poo-bahs of the CoS will not share that info with scum run of the mill not card carrying members but I know myself, Lucian Greaves , Brian Werner and anyone who does not blow Gilmore is probably on that list who has gotten any media attention. 

Show us your tits Gilmore or kill yourself you little evil garden knob. 

Anna Dec 15 '17
I wonder if I now sent my application papers to the CoS together with $200 fee, whether they would check that I'm a Catholic. I'm willing to bet that in spite of all those rumors about the black list, if I payed my dues here and there, I would be allowed to carry on with a dual membership without one or the other organization giving a shit. I think that as long as you aren't outspoken about your affiliations, nobody really bothers to investigate into the matter.

Also the religious leaders have as much power over you as you are willing to grant them. I read that CoS bunco sheet a while ago and one sentence made my day:

There are unethical individuals out there who want to prey on you.

If you let others prey on you, does it really make sense to call yourself a Satanist? What difference does that make?

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Anna Dec 15 '17
Thanks AK. I will gladly join your cult. Just don't forget to pat my ass, stroke my pussy and, above all, print me some fancy membership card or certificate. Otherwise, how am I going to prove to others I'm somebody instead of nobody?
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