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johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Oct 18 '14
So for the past couple of days, I have been considering going public with my Satanism. Not that I'll go downtown with a megaphone declaring my Satanism, but more a decision to no longer hide it.

I've been weighing the consequences against the release of pressure to hide my belief system from the public.

On one hand:

1) The number of people who are aware that I am a Satanist is growing, primarily through my campus's pagan group (Yes, I hang out with pagans a lot, story for another thread). The group has been growing, so more and more are becoming aware of it, seemingly with no negative consequences to me. Besides them, my wife and a couple of her family members know.

2) I no longer have to err or make up stories when I'm asked about my interests these days. Just the other day I was discussing Nietzsche and other philosophers with this chick. I blurted out it was part of my religious practice. She asked what religion. I almost said Satanist, but ended up saying "I follow the Left Hand Path" which I figured most people won't know.

3) I can finally read the TSB and other related publications in the open. Right now, I only read them in my bedroom, and no where else. It's annoying when I'm outside every day for most of the day.

4) The last and most important reason: I want to take my Satanism further. More involvement, more public works, writings like thought pieces, perhaps steering the direction in which Satanism goes with the public. I'm thinking of joining The Satanic Temple and then pouring as much effort as possible to get involved.

On the other hand:

1) Parents will probably find out. I'm 27, and I have no problems telling them about it as long as I sufficiently explain the LHP to them. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I'd translate say, Lavey's ideas, into Mandarin. I fear that all they'll know is that I worship the devil himself.

2) Super religious members of my wife's family will find out. It'll be a burden upon her.

3) Possible loss of job opportunities. If I'm too public with my Satanism, potential employers may bin me just because they're uncomfortable with Satanism.

4) I live in Indiana. Quite a bit of rednecks here. There's also a deeply Christian Vietnam war veteran living across from me. Who knows how they'll react? It's bad enough that I'm a foreigner, AND a minority ethnically. Now I'm a Satanist too.

Anyway, I guess the topic should be about:

a) Are you public with your Satanism?

b) How did you go public?

c) What were the consequences (if any)? Did you face prejudice from those around you?

Let's discuss this.

JasinElric Oct 18 '14
I think you're making it a bigger deal than it actually is.  Most average people are so self-centered they'll likely not care either way.  No matter how well you explain Satanism to the average Joe, they're still not walking away with any better understanding, and will continue to think you're either attention seeking, or a shady character.  

There are a select few in my life to whom I've proclaimed my views, and as expected they understood, and we all moved on with our lives.  My advice, choose wisely who you associate with and the information you share with them.

Anna Oct 18 '14
Yeah, good luck with casting your pearls before swine. First ask yourself a question: Is it worth it?
JasinElric Oct 18 '14

Quote from luz
Quote from jonnywatts 4) The last and most important reason: I want to take my Satanism further. More involvement, more public works, writings like thought pieces, perhaps steering the direction in which Satanism goes with the public. I'm thinking of joining The Satanic Temple and then pouring as much effort as possible to get involved.

And while everyone's cloaked in black with silly, plastic horns, agitating for the religious, socioeconomic, and political rights of Satanists, I'll be standing by with my popcorn and Abercrombie t-shirt, watching the title of Satanist become just another average Joe religious meme, laughing quietly to myself.  Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll start selling religious candles with the devil on them in ghetto supermarkets!

Worse things have been done in the name of Satan, but this one is definitely the most entertaining.  Go team, go!

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Anna Oct 18 '14

Quote from JasinElric Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll start selling religious candles with the devil on them in ghetto supermarkets!

Dunno how it is in the US but in Poland we already have this:

Cute, isn't it?
JasinElric Oct 18 '14
If I lived in a society where everyone was Christian, and someone had a gun to my head and asked if I was Satanic, my answer would be no.  I would deny it whenever asked.  I would quote scripture with the rest of them.  My home would be adorned with images of Christ, and a bible in every room. 

But the truth would be that I am Satanic, which means I have knowledge from places everyone else was too afraid to look.  I can take advantage of everything and everyone around me to fulfill my own desires because of this wisdom.  If my actions appear non-christian to some and I raise suspicion, I'll just refer to a verse with an arbitrary passage to justify it.

  Or, I could answer "Yes", get shot and die.

What makes a Satanist?  What he believes, how he thinks, how he lives, or is it simply just that he can call himself a Satanist in public?

JasinElric Oct 18 '14

Quote from luz 
Some country is in the habit of spreading democracy and freedom around the world, yet some of its Satanists feel as if Christians had put a gun to their heads.

(I can rant on...)
I proposed a hypothetical just to invoke some thought on the topic.

If you're in some sarcastic way proposing that democracy is a system worthy of dominance over the earth, that's some frightening shit.  Considering how easily mass opinion can be swayed by the wealthy and influential, there really is no "freedom" in democracy.

JasinElric Oct 18 '14

TST stands for just that.  The ability to publicly state, "I'm a Satanist, accept it!"  I don't think my post was far off point, including the hypothetical.

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Khandnalie Member
Khandnalie Oct 18 '14
Getting back on the original topic - 

I'm not public, per se, but I'm becoming more so. Most of my friends know that I am a Satanist, and a handful of coworkers do. I tend to come out to people on an individual basis, depending on my judgement of them over the course of our relationship. 

That being said, I am currently launching a a new Chapter of The Satanic Temple and that will necessitate a further coming out, especially on my FB page. I'm sure some of my family will get wind of it. And as I promote my chapter within local secular groups, I'll essentially have to be upfront and open with complete strangers. So, that will be interesting.

But, it's whatever. I'll roll with the punches and see where it goes from there.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 18 '14
Jonny: I don't know if you have watched all the videos that Zach Black has shown in the internet about his personal life, to me that's a satanic public life, I have learn a lot by watching them. He has not trying to say  :"I am a satanist " , he is being natural, he is showing,  living, experiencing, demonstrating the public life of a satanist,  of course Zach  is Zach, but every single satanist has his/her own experience, it's depends on the conditions  and capabilities of the person, if they want to work publicly or behind the scenes, you have to master your goals and to achieve them, it's your own decision to go public or not, I personally admire your decision. Around my small circle, everyone knows I'm a satanist, and in public , they know too, I don't hide it, I was in jail once for being the son of a witch and a magician,  I was tortured thrice,  and I was put in jail four  times for political reasons. I have faced M16 machine rifles and automatic machine guns on my head for political reasons, I have moved from town to town for the heretic points of view of my parents, but I have moved from country to country for political persecution. If you have noticed that the political situations have taken more on me than the satanic situations. By my experience I would tell you : " Go for it, don't be afraid, have the experience, and if you see that you can't continue with that , just be reasonable and change the plan to continue fighting behind the scenes" .
JasinElric Oct 19 '14

Quote from Greg_Belial

So I'm sorry I don't agree with you, and I do not think your hypothetical invoked any thought into the conversation since it is a scenario that he doesn't even have to give a thought to.

The hypothetical I presented is a broader view of the subject in question, it's shortsighted to assert that my post as irrelevant.  I also didn't put a gun to your head and demand you, or anyone else think about it, either.

Quote from luz
That's one of the things that TST stands for. So? It's all good in my book.
I don't recall saying anything to the contrary.

Felltyde Nov 17 '14
Many have known my Satanic leanings for years...friends, coworkers, etc...only a few actually seem to mind and they pretty much avoid me...when we do interact they are exceedingly nice to me which always brings a smile to my face.
I find it's all about results: if you are a hard worker, well spoken, always going that extra mile, people don't really give a shit what you do...it doesn't matter that you are only doing those things for your own pleasure.
But be aware, my situation is seemingly unique...there are clearly settings and times when declaring yourself a Satanist would be very bad. Let common sense rule the day.
Storm Feb 4 '15
 Im only 23,I have so much more life experience to well experience before I go around giving out advice like this but im gonna give it a whack....

   Always be you,you need to always make you happy before making others happy,that is one thing I can say I have so far learned. Hiding who you are can be really depressing and sometimes can cause us to become lost. Been there done that. 

  My advice for you is to take baby steps at this...begin silently being obvious about being a satanist like wearing the necklaces,t-shirts,rings,ect. like its the thing to do! 
  Leave your books laying around like people do normally with their fiction,non-fiction, magazines,and other reads. 
  If you do facebook or any of those put satanist as your religion like its no big deal. If your going to be open about it,do it as if it is no big deal and you dont give a fuck. By doing this it makes it hard for people to want to argue with you,by already seeing that your open but silent about it. If someone approaches you in a rude manor about it,calmly answer questions like its no big deal and your not offended.

  For me my family all knows,I was silently open,I never brought it up in person. I used to do facebook but quit for drama (not this), when I did they saw my shared things relating to this. One time I was called godless but I ignored it showing that I was the better person and they are too stupid to comprehend this anyway. I dont get any thing bad for it besides that one time. 
  Now my mom on the other hand practices the Jewish thing for now she switches beliefs like I change my clothes...she gets a lot of crap. So it goes to show that no matter what you are your going to get crap from someone somewhere. 
  As for at home....my significant other is creeped out by my satanic bible,my witchcraft books,my stuff....I tell him to get over it. He does...for a while. lol 

  Good luck to you dude,I hope you do this and just do it slowly and cautiously....theres nothing to be ashamed about it. There is "worse" out there....look at the dugger family from 19 kids and counting...now they get a lot of crap and they are Christians.  
Anna Feb 5 '15
Here is a thing, MizStorm. It's not a secret that many employers check your Facebook profile, they can even send you friend requests. If the profile is anonymous, then fine. If not, then why your current or potential employer or even colleagues should know about your religious or political views? It's not their business.
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