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Dantalion Jul 3
I just thought of the most fun I ever had doing drugs, so I thought I’d post about it. So when I was 16 years old, I had a really good psyches connect in high school name Brantz. He hooked me up with shrooms, acid and ecstasy (before ecstasy took off). I lost touch with him around when I turned 18, and I haven’t found a reliable psyches connect since. One day, me and my friend Jon decided to buy a bunch of acid from him and sleep over at my house outside on the trampoline we had in our back yard. We went and saw Brantz and stupidly bought 15 hits of acid (I don’t know why we thought we could handle that much. We were inexperienced at the time). He dropped the hits on the sweet tarts that you buy in the rolls at a gas station or something. Brantz hooked us the fuck up too. He fully dropped both sides of the sweet tarts and considered that one hit. So I dropped 7 sweet tarts and in reality it was 14 HUGE hits of acid. We had an eighth of weed too. We dropped it on the walk back to my house and I remember it tasted like cinnamon with the acid mixed with the sweet tarts. My friend took 8 of those fuckers! When it kicked in, I was literally incapacitated. We were just walking around aimlessly in my back yard because we didn’t know what to do. Then we decided to light gasoline fires after we rummaged around in my shed and found the gas can. The fire was so trippy.

Right when we started peaking, my friend Jon jumped my fence and disappeared. I was afraid to hop the fence after him. Then the next thing I remember is I tried to go in my house and I couldn’t figure out how to open the sliding door. Evidentially, my dad tried to talk to me during the trip and I couldn’t communicate with him. Then the next thing I remember is I was laying on my trampoline staring at the stars and it looked like a kaleidoscope. It was so cool. Then, at one point, my friend Ben came over and I guess he was jealous that I was doing acid. So being the worst trip sitter ever, he got me to help him with a beer run across the street. Evidentially, I held the door to the ConocoPhillips gas station open while he grabbed a 30 case and we booked it to Ben’s house up the street.

Then I sat with Ben in his colorful room with black light posters listening to 90s grunge while we drank beer. All I can remember was shit morphing on his wall and being interpreted as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my brain.

Eventually, I made it back to my house (probably the next day) and I went to sleep. I woke up confused as fuck to my work calling me (McDonalds) wondering where I was because I was supposed to be at work. I hurried and got dressed for work and went over there, but I was completely useless because I was too confused to use the cash registers, even though I wasn’t tripping any more. I told my boss Charles, who was cool as fuck that I took a bunch of acid the day before and couldn’t work and he let me go home. I called Jon’s house to see if he was there and find out what happened to him and he told me that he tried to go to Ben’s house but ended up in a house under construction and he chilled there all night then went home.

That trip was so fun. It had everything. My favorite part was laying on my trampoline while looking at the sky. I think it would have been a lot cooler if I wasn’t in a city and I had a dark sky. I’d like to find another acid connect and go out to the area around Great Basin Natl park and camp out and look at the sky all night. That area is probably the best for night sky viewing in the lower 48.
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