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The Plasmatics where probably  one of, if not the greatest underground punk metal bands on the underground circuit. So here, I encourage that if anyone of you are fans to come here to worship at there altar and if you are like me and are new to them then I am including a two hour documentary of them.

Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics: 10 Years of Revolution

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Thank you luz for reposting the priestess ep for some reason the ps4 browser won't allow me to use the insert link thing properly. Though I can get it to pop up and exit out of I can't type in it like I otherwise can.

Also the ps4 browser has this thing about not alowing anyone to copy and paist text. However with Black Friday coming up I am hoping to get a great deal on this Dell that I have been eyeing so none of this should be an issue. Not knocking the ps4 but ya know what I mean?

Quote from Cerberus Man, she was hot as hell. 

There ain't no lie there! I would love to bang her myself but as far as I can tell she has been mia since 1990. If you know what happened to her since let me know and hopefully you can post links. Actually anyone can do this so I will continue my search of WOW life after 1990.
Thanks Cerberys, I just read that same thing on here wiki page if you scroll further down there are links that you can cross reference and the first one is about here death. Thanks again and long live Wendy O' Williams in the harts and minds of all of us fans.
ExequySummonings Dec 22 '14
Still have all my Plasmatics vinyl.  Easily in my top 10 best punk bands ever.  Never duplicated.

Quote from Progeniture666 Still have all my Plasmatics vinyl.  Easily in my top 10 best punk bands ever.  Never duplicated.

Honestly, you are correct! For me, Wendy set the standard for me once I discovered her and the band. Ironically I discovered them from the original Hells Bells the Evils of Rock n Roll when the Metal Priestess ep was being discussed. Granted this film is from a Christian point of view and being an open minded person I try to be I though why not give it a watch and discovered that the guy who made it seemed to be more open mined then the usual evangelical. To me he seems to be the type of person that I could have an open debate on basically anything and not get into any kind of a heated argument by the end of it. Shit now that I think about it I just might find out how to contact this guys ministry and email them, which a quick google search should produce the needed info, and actually attempt an open debate. Look this film up, which is where I stumbled upon it and was still there, at least the last time I checked, and give me one good reason.

And as far your original vinyl is concerned, I would get them appraised, if not already, because given the fact that the band isn't together any more and the fact that Williams committed suicide, these peace's of rock history my actually be worth some decent bank, of course depending on the over all condition, whether or not there autographed and I'm assuming that they are not in the original plastic or at least the packaging has already been breached which would, in my mind and I'm not in the appraisal business to be clear, would bring the value down as oppose to an ideal situation being mint condition, i.e. left as they where when purchased without so much as a crack, dent, ect. in which case it comes down to whether or not they are autographed. But I am also assuming that you would have to be a serious collector with a decent amount of cash flow to even begin to buy these type of items, if in fact that they can be found. 

ExequySummonings Jan 16 '15
They are just sealed and packed away. 
I'd keep it that way, though I'd check on them to make sure there still there, make nice collecters/conversation pieces as well.
Galeazzo62 Member
Galeazzo62 Sep 6 '17
I remember a single (45) coming out called "Butcher Baby" and there was a limited edition on gory colored vinyl. I think I was around 18 then.
Satanachia Sep 8 '17

Quote from Galeazzo62 I remember a single (45) coming out called "Butcher Baby" and there was a limited edition on gory colored vinyl. I think I was around 18 then.
I think that's my favorite Plasmatics song. I love the Plasmatics. RIP Wendy O. <3
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