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The Satanic Bible

The Satanic Rituals

The Satanic Witch

The Devils Notebook

Satan Speaks

Anton LaVey the godfather of modern Satanism is the best place to start if you have a interest in Satanism. 

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Being a sucker for basically anything chocolate  the ice cream caught my eye first.

Damn I hadn't had a Hershey bar in quite some time. I'd wait till summer to build an out door bond fire to make  s'mores but the fucking five-o came by and said that bond fires are against city ordinance and after some back and forth decided to use only grills for any out door cooking we do we would just fire up the grill. So fuck it! I'll just buy some Hershey bars, a bag of marsh mellows, and a box of gram crackers and just micro wave a batch. Fuck the police! They can't keep me from my s'mores those suns of bitches. And as cold as it is here in Illinois, who wants to stand out in the cold just to fucking grill up some sweet goodies?

Okay it has been more of a warmer winter here, but damn it I ain't standing out side or bring in a fucking grill just to waste propane for a plate full of fucking snacks when I can just micro wave the damn things. All I want is some fucking s'mores! Is this to much to ask?

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Merc Feb 26 '17
Links work fine for me, thanks for posting them. 

Peter Gilmore's book, The Satanic Scriptures, is also very good. Worth trying to find a copy, though it seems to be out of print and very expensive at the moment, unfortunately. 

Alwayzfaded1 May 24 '17
I have every piece of work he has written. If anyone would like something he has done and cant find it anywhere else inbox me and ill send you a link or a copy of what you want. 
KaylaDawn666 Jan 3 '19

You can find gilmores the satanic scriptures on ebay for about 20 dollars...

DeadManAnimations Member
DeadManAnimations Mar 3 '20
Thank you for posting all of these resources
Bloodmoonwitch Jun 2 '21
Thank you for posting these awesome books by Anton LaVey! Been seeking these books to further learn about Satanism!
Ian Jan 8 '22
Thanks for sharing
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Jan 3 '23
A.Lavey coin I got on Yuletide..
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Jan 3 '23
Well made ...!
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